Trans Siberian Railway Day 2

Trans Siberian Railway Day 2 on board the 070Ч Moscow to Irkutsk train was from Brantovka to Talitsa about 1433 kms. This was the second day of my Siberian Trek, and my first full day on board the train.

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Sleeping was no problem, must have been the rocking and rolling.


At Balezino we changed locomotives again, guessing now that the changes are crew related. Each crew must look after their own equipment, so each crew change they swap out the equipment

The locals at Balenzino were also selling souvenirs and soft toys along with cold drinks, instant noodles. A bit cool this morning, 10 C, and very grey.


It has been quite sometime since I have had to have a birdbath to freshen up, around 27 years. The main differences to my time on Oberon Class Submarines are that there is more space and water :). Train 070Ч does not have any showers and only caters for 2nd and 3rd class passengers.

Timezones Changes

On Day 2 we traversed two timezones and by the end of the day were 2 hours ahead of Moscow time.


Perm is the biggest city we have been through, the station though was boring plus I think it was where they removed the people related effluent. Guessing that this is probably the reason why there were no locals selling stuff at the station.


Another of the long stops, the food and drink shops here provided a lot more goods including bakery items, fresh fruit and veg.

Rail Traffic

The amount of freight and passenger traffic on the railway is impressive. At least a couple of freight trains pass us per hour, day and night.

Due to the amount of rail traffic it is also a credit to the Russian Railways for keeping the trains on time. Have arrived and departed on time at every station so far.


As we go deeper into Russia the towns I have seen are rural but with some, what look to be, Government Apartment Blocks.


The food on board is definitely not gourmet, it is filling and bit tasteless for me. Turns up reliably though and always with a tea bag and bottle of water.


The omelette was ok, no filling, at least the mince meat pancake had a bit of flavour.

Lunch and Dinner

The chicken was tasteless, the carrots saved it. The meaty patty was ok, had a bit of flavour

Day 2 Itinerary – 070Ч Moscow to Irkutsk

BTW, the times in the itineraries are Moscow time, all Russian train timetables apparently use it.

StationArrivalStopDepartureDistance (KM)Journey time
Brantovka12:21:00 AM1 m12:22:00 AM62810 h 31 m
Manturovo12:43:00 AM2 m12:45:00 AM65310 h 53 m
Sharya1:25:00 AM14 m1:39:00 AM70111 h 35 m
Ponazyrevo2:16:00 AM10 m2:26:00 AM74712 h 26 m
Shabalino2:59:00 AM2 m3:01:00 AM79513 h 9 m
Svecha3:20:00 AM2 m3:22:00 AM81813 h 30 m
Kotelnich-14:05:00 AM2 m4:07:00 AM87014 h 15 m
Kirov Pass5:19:00 AM32 m5:51:00 AM95715 h 29 m
Glazov8:51:00 AM2 m8:53:00 AM116519 h 1 m
Balezino9:18:00 AM26 m9:44:00 AM119419 h 28 m
Kez10:40:00 AM2 m10:42:00 AM124720 h 50 m
Vereshсhagino11:50:00 AM2 m11:52:00 AM131722 h
Mendeleevo12:17:00 PM1 m12:18:00 PM134422 h 27 m
Perm-21:36:00 PM23 m1:59:00 PM143723 h 46 m
Kungur3:28:00 PM2 m3:30:00 PM15381 d 1 h 38 m
Shalya5:15:00 PM2 m5:17:00 PM16721 d 3 h 25 m
Pervouralsk6:39:00 PM2 m6:41:00 PM17741 d 4 h 49 m
Ekaterinburg Pass.7:21:00 PM28 m7:49:00 PM18181 d 5 h 31 m
Bogdanovich9:28:00 PM2 m9:30:00 PM19171 d 7 h 38 m
Elanskiy9:56:00 PM2 m9:58:00 PM19451 d 8 h 6 m
Kamyshlov10:16:00 PM2 m10:18:00 PM19611 d 8 h 26 m
Talitsa11:10:00 PM2 m11:12:00 PM20331 d 9 h 20 m
Day 2 Total1433

Trans Siberian Railway Day 2

Not an exciting day on board the 070Ч Moscow to Irkutsk train, but definitely a relaxing one. Getting off and going for a stroll at each of the “long” stops is a must, you never know what you might find.

During the night we slowed down where there were a few train sidings and there was a military train parked. It was too dark to get any photos, but the train was laden with the equipment of what looked like a large motorised unit plus passenger trains filled with the troops to man them.

Day 3 is 1687 kms

4 thoughts on “Trans Siberian Railway Day 2

  • August 14, 2019 at 09:22

    Geez, the food looks so bland. We carried noodles and snacks. They were boring too. hahaha

    • August 14, 2019 at 10:46

      It is, should have bought some chili. The food in the restaurant car is not bad. More to come on that

  • August 14, 2019 at 13:59

    Get off and go clubbing in Moscow, Georgia, Finland we want see the real Russia!!
    Where are the photos of carriage etc cmon photo journalism never been so bad! When are you back in singa?

    • August 14, 2019 at 14:15

      Aristotle, guess you missed the first post with the pictures of my cabin, the toilet and the carriage. There really is not much to it. As I am only Russia, will have to miss Georgia and Finland this trip. Leaving the clubbing to the likes of you these days….


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