Trans Siberian Railway Day 1

Trans Siberian Railway Day 1 on board the 070Ч Moscow to Irkutsk train is the third leg and first of my Trans Siberian Trek on board the Trans Siberian Railway on train 070Ч is from Moskva Yaroslavskaya Station to Irkutsk. A distance of 5186 km that should take 3days, 14 hours and 40 minutes to complete. Today’s travel is only 600 kms from Moskva Yaroslavskaya to Neya.

Train 070Ч goes from Moskva Yaroslavskaya Station to Chita, Irkutsk is about 14 hours before the end of its route.

Start of the Trans Siberian Railway to Vladivostok

Moskva Yaroslavskaya Station is the start of the Trans Siberian Railway which was inaugurated in 1901, only 9298 kms from Vladivostok.

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The start and the finish of Trans Siberian Railway

Moskva Yaroslavskaya to Neya – 600 km

We left Moscow at 13:50 Moscow time as per schedule. Will be interesting to see how punctual the train is the entire trip.

My 2nd Class cabin is fairly comfortable, think I will survive the three days. Bought with me toilet paper as apparently that is not always available.

Not really sure what to expect, should not get lost though as long as I get back on board the train on time.


About 1 hour after leaving the Moskva Yaroslavskaya Station the Chef visited me to get my food order. Not really sure what I will be getting other than maybe different meals of Chicken, Pancake, Meat and I think a casserole. Just part of the adventure.

I paid for the meals when I bought my ticket, costs about USD50 for the 3 days or so I am on the train. Not sure it was a good deal or not, but better than just instant noodles I guess, zero flavour.

Internet Reliability (well unreliability)

Within about 90 mins of leaving the station the internet started to get flaky, awesome! The problem is that some of the tools I like to use for my posts are not working too well, so will have to improvise.

My First Wander

The Toilet

Bigger than what was on a Oberon Class Submarine, though not as well appointed as an Emirates aircraft in any class.

Trans Siberian Railway, Train 070Ч, Russian Railways, Moscow to Irkutsk, Oz's Siberian Trek

In one of the other carriages there are disabled toilets, these are huge. There is more than enough room for a couple of people and a wheelchair.

There is a samovar in each carriage, so there is always plenty of hot water for tea and instant noodles. Each cabin has a couple of European style power outlets and 2 x 2 USB charging ports. That is about it for the mod-cons.

Bought an overpriced souvenir Russian Railways Tea Cup, will put it to the test through out the trip.


Departed the first long stop, Yaroslavl, on time after thirty minutes. There were a number of local vendors selling cold soft drinks and ice creams. Not really much to see.


Second long stop was Danilov, 357 km from Moscow.

At Danilov we changed locomotives, guessing the new one is higher powered. I used the time to walk the train, there are 15 carriages, 2nd and 3rd class only. I guess that is why there is no dining car.

The Days Itinerary – 070Ч Moscow to Irkutsk

StationArrivalStopDepartureDistance (KM)Journey time
  1:50:00 PM  
Rostov-Yaroslavskiy4:58:00 PM2 m5:00:00 PM2243 h 8 m
Yaroslavl-Glavnyy5:50:00 PM30 m6:20:00 PM2824 h
Danilov7:31:00 PM34 m8:05:00 PM3575 h 41 m
Lyubim8:39:00 PM2 m8:41:00 PM3946 h 49 m
Bui9:27:00 PM4 m9:31:00 PM4507 h 37 m
Galich10:08:00 PM15 m10:23:00 PM5018 h 18 m
Loparevo10:46:00 PM1 m10:47:00 PM5258 h 56 m
Antropovo11:04:00 PM2 m11:06:00 PM5479 h 14 m
Nikolo-Poloma11:27:00 PM2 m11:29:00 PM5719 h 37 m
Neya11:57:00 PM2 m11:59:00 PM60010 h 7 m

Pics from the day

The window of my cabin is not clean and at the stations there is no platform high enough for me to be able to clean the window myself, will have to make do.

The interesting stuff seems to always be blocked, either by a passing train or trees.

Most of the areas a long the train line are in good repair, but this old warehouse / factory looks like it has not been in use for a long time.

Trans Siberian Railway Day 1

Moskva Yaroslavskaya to Neya onboard the 070Ч Moscow to Irkutsk train complete, one day down, 6 and a bit to go, with a 4 day break in Irkutsk / Lake Baikal.

Definitely a different way to travel than on Australian interstate trains, less focus on the “fun” side more on the functional. Makes sense as most passengers are not travelling for leisure by the look of it.

There are lots of different nationalities on board, may have heard a few British, German, Dutch and French accents around.

So far so good.

Day 2 is only 1433 kms….

4 thoughts on “Trans Siberian Railway Day 1

    • August 14, 2019 at 01:38

      It is definitely a great way to see the country side and to appreciate how big Russia is. From Moscow to Vladivostok is more that TWICE the width of Australia. Glad I am taking a few days in Irkutsk in the middle to break up the journey a bit.


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