Oz in the Moscow Metro

When in Moscow you need to check out the Moscow Metro. It is considered one of the most attractive, if not the most attractive, underground train networks in the world.

Moscow Metro Map

The first line, a 11km 13 station line, was opened in 1935. As of 2019 the it has evolved into a 393km 263 station network that is apparently the busiest in Europe.

Moscow, Russia,  Oz's Siberian Trek,

What makes it worth exploring is the themed stations, a number have monuments to different parts of Russia and Russian life.

Ploshchad Revolyutsii

The first station we visited was Ploshchad Revolyutsii which is the Moscow Metro station in Red Square. This is one of the more popular stations for due to the 76 bronze sculptures that represent the Russian People.

Each sculpture has a lucky spot. For luck you rub the nose of the dog of Border Guard with his Dog sculpture. To improve your finances, rub the Rooster’s comb, if your love life is in strife rub the shoe of the school girl.

Have no idea why these became urban myths, saw many people nonchalantly rubbing the various statues, for some it looked like a habit for some of the regular commuters.


Moscow, Russia,  Oz's Siberian Trek,

I think that this was Novoslobodskaya Station. We did not get off here, took this shot whilst the train was stopped at the station


The Kievskaya Station on the Koltsevaya Line theme was decided as a part of a competition that was held in the Ukraine. The winning theme was Russo-Ukrainian Unity which the mosaics throughout the station depict.


The theme of the Belorusskaya Station on the Koltsevaya Line depicts Belorussian Daily Life.


The next stop for us on the Moscow Metro was the Novoslobodskaya Station on the Koltsevaya Line. Stained Glass was used to decorate this station.

Moscow, Russia,  Oz's Siberian Trek,
Peace Throughout the World Mosaic



This was my favourite station that we visited on the Moscow Metro, not because of the look but why it looks like this. The theme is Dmitri Mendeleev he was the scientist who came up with the Periodic Law which was the predecessor to the Periodic Table.

Mendeleyevskaya Station was opened on 31 Dec 1988. The station’s theme was decided by students of the nearby D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. The light fittings are designed to look like elements (if you had not already worked that out).

Moscow Metro

The Full Moscow Metro Map

I think you could spend days exploring the Moscow Metro, there are so many more stations with different themes that I did not get a chance to visit.

Moscow, Russia,  Oz's Siberian Trek,
Vladimir Lenin

Definitely need to plan more time to explore the Moscow Metro next time I am in Moscow.

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    • October 19, 2019 at 12:16

      No problem, next time I will plan for a lot more time to explore, missed so many stations.


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