Lost in Moscow Russia

As a part of my Siberian Trek I had one full day in Moscow so it was time to get Lost in Moscow Russia. Definitely not enough time. Another problem was that it was raining, not exactly good weather to explore and take pics.

Moscow, Russia,  Oz's Siberian Trek,

Still the rain was not going to stop me from exploring Moscow.

Pamyatnik Marshalu G.k. Zhukovu

This is a monument to Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, Hero of the Soviet Union, he was the Soviet General who accepted Germany’s surrender at the end of World War II.

Mogila Neizvestnogo Soldata

Moscow, Russia,  Oz's Siberian Trek,

The eternal flame outside the tomb of the unknown soldier, which is now a part of Kremlin Wall. Established in December 1966 to commemorate those who fell in the defence of Moscow as a part of the Battle of Moscow in December 1941.

Srednyaya Arsenal’naya Bashnya

Moscow, Russia,  Oz's Siberian Trek,
The people with umbrellas were in the line for Lenin’s Tomb

Red Square

I was a bit disappointed when we got to Red Square, as there was a large stage being built and scaffolding all over the place, so was not able to get the whole experience. Sounds like a good excuse to return to Moscow….

Still an impressive place. Guess I will need to get Lost in Moscow Russia again.

Kazan Cathedral

St Basil’s Cathedral

An amazing structure, the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, better known as the St Basil’s Cathedral. The original Trinity Church was completed in 1561.

As with most structures in Russia it was burnt down a number of times, the current structure is the result of an extensive restoration after a fire in 1737. The Cathedral was luckily to not be damaged by the Fire of Moscow in 1812, the outcome of which was the creation of the Red Square.

The Streets Around Red Square

The GUM Department Store

The Glávnyj Universáľnyj Magazín (GUM) near Red Square.

More of the Streets of Moscow

A return trip to Moscow for an extended exploration is definitely needed. Hopefully the weather will be better and no construction in Red Square.

Moscow, Russia,  Oz's Siberian Trek,

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    • October 12, 2019 at 16:20

      Thank you. Gives me an excuse to return


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