5th Quarter Singapore

Recently my friends and I visited a new restaurant in Singapore called the 5th Quarter. The 5th Quarter has been open for about four months and is a part of the new Vagabond Hotel. Considering how new the restaurant is, Chef Drew and his team have done very well in ironing out most of the kinks associated with setting up a new restaurant.

5th Quarter Singaporeserves food on share plates, so everyone can try everything served.

On the whole the size of each serve was appropriate, but there were a couple of the dishes we should have ordered two serves, ie the scallops, to ensure you really got to enjoy them,  we were definitely not hungry by the end of the dinner!

I have no problem recommending the 5th Quarter Singapore.

The Food

The full 5th Quarter Menu is available online, we did try around two thirds of the dishes on offer, so this post should provide you with a good idea of the quality and diversity of the menu.

wdt_ID Photo Food

A nice touch by Chef Drew was to serve the dessert / fromage himself, gave us a chance to compliment him on his great food and restaurant.

5th Quarter Singapore

We tried 18 dishes and did not break the bank, by the end of the meal everyone was full and we were talking about returning!

The Wine

The 5th Quarter Singapore supports BYO, for a fee, which is not always the case in Singapore, so we were able to bring our own wines to make the dinner even more fun!

wdt_ID Wine Photo

Oz’s Wine Reviews

The Line Up

5th Quarter Singapore



Another great night in Singapore!





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    • January 18, 2016 at 18:15

      It was very good, you should try it sometime!


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