Bar-a-Thym Singapore Jan 2016

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To celebrate a birthday and commiserate a farewell a few of my friends and I got together at Bar-a-Thym Singapore. This would be my second time dinning at Bar-a-Thym, the first was the great Grosset Wines Dinner, so I was looking forward to going a-la-carte this time, but that was not to be.


The birthday girl is a friend of Chef / Owner Francois Mermilliod and he offered to provide us with a special menu, so how can you say no to that. The one problem with this is that I am not sure what each of the dishes were, this did not change the fact that the food was, as always, excellent, so I have guessed what a couple of the dishes were.

The Food

Bar-a-Thym A-La-Carte Menu

What we ate

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The Wine

As we know the Chef, we did a deal with him so that we could BYO wine. Thanks Francois!!

Bar-a-Thym Wine List

What we drank

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Oz’s Wine Reviews

The Line Up


Another great night, good friends, good food and good wine always ensures at least a good night, add in a great venue and you have a great night.



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