2014 South America Cruise Day 1 – Lima

Arrival – Lima Airport


Lima Airport is quite modern when compared with Sao Paulo Airport, have no idea how it will handle the crowds and flights associated with the World Cup Later this year. Immigration, baggage and customs were all very efficient, was looking for a cab within about 40 mins after landing.

From the airport I went straight to the ship. Luckily my Cab Driver, Ivan, spoke English, he provided me with a running commentary on the sites. Driving in Lima is a bit like driving in Bangkok, very chaotic, thanks to Ivan I made it safe and sound to the port.

Lima Collage 1a

Checking In

When I arrived at the port there was a bit of confusion about how to handle passengers, it was sorted fairly quickly and was shown where to catch the inter-port shuttle bus, which arrived shortly after. Once at the ship I was informed that I was the first to arrive and early, check in was scheduled to commence at 11am, so had an hour to wait. The crew did not seem worried and escorted me on board and to the coffee connection to wait until 11am.

Check in was a breeze and my suite would be ready around 2:30pm. Next stop was the pool deck for lunch and to await my friends, Kathy and Don, who arrived around 1pm. The suites were made available to us at 1:30pm, which is impressive considering that the disembarkation of the passengers from the previous cruise had only finished at about 9:30am. By the time I got to me suite my luggage had been delivered, so it was time to unpack.

The two stewards who are looking after me this trip are Evangeline and Jonnel, by are from the Philippines looking. They are responsible for 19 suites.

After unpacking and a shower it was time for cigar and a drink with Don up on the pool deck, started to meet some of the other passengers.


Dinner was in La Veranda, the Italian restaurant on-board, good food, service and company. The only thing I noticed was that there were only 2 wines on offer, 1 Red and 1 White, on my previous cruise there were at least 2 of each offered at dinner. Wondering if this is a price cutting measure.

Our Main Courses:

DSCN0749 DSCN0750 DSCN0751 DSCN0752

Re-post from my 2014 Cruise due to corruption that occurred during the migration of my blog.

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