Truly Singaporean Makan Session – New Ubin Seafood

In my opinion, one of the best restaurants in Singapore is New Ubin Seafood. Great food, good prices (especially for Singapore) and no corkage (extremely good for Singapore). On 1 July 2015 New Ubin held the first of its new monthly series of set dinners where they will invite their favourite chefs to cook for those lucky enough to be on the mailing list.

For the first dinner they invited Jeremy Cheok from Slake to cook the Truly Singaporean Makan Session. Jeremy is not a trained chef, he is a scientist who is enthusiastic about playing with food (his own words).


Our table was for Singapore Brown Bag Drinking Club (Not my term), so the wine was, as usual excellent, and very diverse, maybe even more so than usual. There is only one, well maybe two, rules when it comes to Brown Bag, rule one make sure you bring a bottle a very good wine, the second rule is bring a back up, just in case the first is corked or we get thirsty, usually the latter.

 The Food!!

The Wine!!

One thought on “Truly Singaporean Makan Session – New Ubin Seafood

  • July 17, 2015 at 07:59

    the icecream looks very nice. from bradley


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