White Truffle Dinner December 2015

In December 2015 I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a White Truffle Dinner at the Tower Club Singapore that was arranged by the Tower Club’s Executive Chef, Frank Kilian. As the meal was going to be something special we had to “push the boat out” yet again, and we most certainly did!

The view from the Tower Club, which is on levels 62 – 64 of the Republic Plaza in Raffles Place Singapore, is pretty good and always adds to the night.

The Food

The Menu


But first the reason we were there, the White Truffle!

White Truffles usually sell for around €4000 per kilo retail, so this one was worth a bit! Guessing it weighed about 200 – 300 grams.


Confit Tuna with Onion Marmalade and Soubise

White truffles just added to this great starter!

 Second Course

Torched Veal Tenderloin with Truffle Mayo, Celeriac and Herbed Dust

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Freshly shaved white truffles with any pasta is always good, this was even better, it was excellent!

Main Course

Spanish Pork Loin with Sweet Corn Sorfito, Pork Lardo and Fondant Potatoes

Enjoyed this dish immensely, always enjoy a good pork loin. The different textures and flavours made this one of the highlights of the night. Not enough truffles though!


Mont dor Cheese with Pear and Croutons


Had never had Mont dor Cheese before and enjoyed it. Very different experience to what I was expecting


The Mystery Dessert!


This was whipped up by Chef Frank when he found out that we had a dessert wine, especially a Klein Constantia Vin de Constance. Not bad for no notice and no one around to help, as it was a bit late by this time so the kitchen was closed!


Thanks Frank!

The Wine

wdt_ID Wine Photo

Oz’s Wine Reviews



As he usually does, Chef Frank provided us with a superb dinner that was backed up by a great selection of wines. Can’t wait for the next dinner!



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