South Pacific 2015 – Pool Bar Grill

My favourite lunch spot on board is the Pool Bar Grill, as most days they have a different theme, on our cruise these included Indian, Seafood, South American, Grillades (Aussie Style BBQ) to name a few.

They also cook various types of burgers or a hotdog as well and provide a good selection of salads and desserts plus an ice-cream bar that lots of passengers kept raving about.

Below are a few pictures of some of the lunches, writing this post made me hungry!!

South American Theme. The caldera they use for the paella (and other dishes) is huge, unfortunately I was unable to find a good spot to get a decent picture of the entire pan.

Seafood Theme – check out the Mahi Mahi that was caught by the locals at one of the islands we visited. Mahi Mahi was available most nights on board and from the Grill.

Aussie style barbeque Theme (they called it Grillades on board)

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