South Pacific 2015 – Crew Capers

The best show of the trip is always Crew Capers. This is the night that Crew put on a show for all, including the Cast and Officers. To participate in the show the Crew have to go through an audition process and then once selected they practice in their own time, of which they don’t get much. This usually means that they train between shifts or after they have finished for the day.


The Captain introducing Crew Capers, I think that this is his favourite night of each cruise.

Not sure what the first song was, but the second song was “Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath” which always a bit of laugh, no wardrobe malfunctions.

Next up was the first of the traditional dances. Each Crew is comprised on members from countries from around the world, with a large portion of the Crew from the Philippines. The Filipino members of the Crew Capers Cast performed the Bayanihan Tinikling Dance. You want to make sure that your timing is right, otherwise you will end up with saw feet!

Every cruise the Crew overhear foolish passengers asking the strangest and lamest things, the next song was their opportunity to remind us how much they are listening (well not really) the Crew updated the lyrics of “There’ No Business Like Show Business” to become “There’s No People Like Cruise People”. Lots of fun!

The winner of the Crew’s own talent show then performed a solo number for us. He should be a professional musician, maybe he is at home but on board the ship he is a part of the Engineering Department.

Next up was the second of the Tinikling Dances, this one was a bit faster!

After the Tinikling Dance one of the Indonesian Crew Members put on a native dance from Bali, I think it is call the Tari Topeng dance.

Next up was “New York” followed by a bit of Michael Jackson and then Y.M.C.A Mariner style using characters from the Ships Crew instead of the Village People.

The finale, as always, is “The Impossible Dream”. This is always a highlight and this time was no different, the Crew always put on a fantastic show and deserve the standing ovation they get!!

To finish off the entire Crew, who are not on watch, get up on stage to say goodbye to the passengers. A nice touch.

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