South Pacific 2015 – Huahine

Our first port of call was Huahine.

Huahine is actually two islands, Huahine Nui (big Huahine) in the north and Huahine Iti (small Huahine) in the South, that surround a volcanic crater that is now a lagoon. The two islands are joined by a bridge that was not far from where our tenders delivered us.


Before joining my tour I decided to visit Fare the main village on the island and to go for a wander around.




The Fare township


Fare has the same sort of food carts as in Papeete, wish that they were open when we were in port as it would have been interesting to try a surf burger or …….



Huahine Yacht Club, a nice place for a beer, but it also was not open.



Today’s catch


My lunch a ham and cheese baguette and a bottle of Tahiti’s finest!20150216-DSC06605

After lunch it was time for me to join my the tour, which was a 3 hour Snorkeling Safari.


“Discover Huahine from the ocean, its beautiful landscapes, gorgeous lagoon and amazing underwater world.

Your covered boat leaves directly from the pier and heads toward Motu Vaiorea. En route, enjoy views of neighboring Huahine Iti (Small Huahine) and Huahine Nui. Arriving at Motu Vaiorea, you will anchor just off-shore of an islet and after a receiving some instructions, begin enjoying some great snorkeling in the crystal clear lagoon. It’s perfect opportunity to get acquainted with Huahine’s marine inhabitants. After approximately 1-hour of snorkeling, you’ll head back to the pier.  

Please note:  This tour is recommended for guests in good physical condition who are good swimmers. A ladder will need to be negotiated to get in and out of the boat from the water. The tour is not available to wheelchair guests or those with mobility concerns. Guests must be comfortable wearing the snorkeling equipment provided (mask and snorkel), being in deep water and able to cope with occasional currents.  Fins are not provided on the tour.  The snorkeling location selected may vary depending upon sea conditions and visibility.  Swimwear worn under a cover-up; sun cap; sunglasses; biodegradable sunscreen; towel; and flat comfortable shoes or aqua socks are recommended. Guests are cautioned not to touch or step on any coral for both safety and environmental reasons. Those participating in any water activities do so at their own risk and responsibility. While every effort is made to follow the tour timing, all durations are approximate and dependent on sea conditions.”

With my trusty Garmin Virb Camera I was able to take a lot of photos, check them out below.

 20150215-VIRB0120 20150215-VIRB0014-220150215-VIRB0206-2

A Parrot Fish (I think)


20150215-VIRB0273-220150215-VIRB0278-2 20150215-VIRB0279-220150215-VIRB0327 20150215-VIRB033320150215-VIRB0379

One of the tour guides found a sea urchin (I guess) and fed the fish with it, only the Pacific Double-saddle Butterflyfish were interested in it.

20150215-VIRB0377-220150215-VIRB0381-2 20150215-VIRB0394-220150215-VIRB0404-2  20150215-VIRB060220150215-VIRB0572

A piece of bread or two really gets the fish going, anyone would think that they had not been fed for weeks, even though another tour group was in the same spot earlier in the day and they probably fed the fish as well. Provided me with some great photo opportunities.



20150215-VIRB061620150215-VIRB0621-2 20150215-VIRB062220150215-VIRB0623 20150215-VIRB062920150215-VIRB0631 20150215-VIRB064720150215-VIRB0648 20150215-VIRB064920150215-VIRB0651 20150215-VIRB0663

This is apparently a Bird Wrasse


20150215-VIRB066620150215-VIRB0737 20150215-VIRB074220150215-VIRB0744 20150215-VIRB0998-2

After around 2 hours in the water I was starting to turn into a prune so it was time to head back to the boat and then back to the ship. Had a great time and would recommend the same tour company, Huahine Nautique, to someone else, just remember to take some bread with you as I was lucky enough to be near one of the tour guides when he started to feed the fish and he handed over some of the bread so that I could feed them myself. Note to self, bring bread when snorkeling next.

Our next port of call is Bora Bora

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