South Pacific 2015 – Bora Bora

 Next up was Bora Bora. Have heard a fair bit about the place, but would not get a chance to experience much more than my tour, an Aquasafari!!

The Mariner looking good today.



I had been looking forward to this tour as we would be using diving helmets.


Duration 3.00 Hrs

Tour Price: $99.00

“Discover the fabulous underwater world of Bora Bora on this fun and exciting Aquasafari adventure. 

It’s a short transfer by boat from the cruise ship pier to the dive site, where you will discover why Bora Bora’s spectacular lagoon is considered to be among the most beautiful in existence today.  Arriving at the site, your certified diving instructor will give you a safety briefing and diving instructions before helping you put on your special dive helmet.  This unique underwater experience allows you to descend down to a depth of up to 10 feet and walk along the ocean floor, surrounded by hundreds of colorful tropical fish and amazing coral formations. As you freely maneuver about in total security just a few feet below the surface, your head remains dry inside your helmet, and you can even wear your glasses!  Unlike conventional diving or snorkeling, you are connected to your boat by an air hose that allows you to breathe just as you would on land.  

Before returning to the pier, you’ll also have some time for swimming or just relaxing on the boat.

Please note: Walking and other activities are mainly at the guests’ discretion; however, this tour is recommended for guests in reasonably good physical condition. It will be necessary to negotiate a ladder to board the boat from the water. For safety and security reasons, only 8 persons at a time will be allowed underwater for the helmet dive portion of the tour. The tour is not available to wheelchair guests, those with mobility concerns, heart conditions, asthma, or pregnant women, and may not be suitable for those who suffer from claustrophobia. Swimwear worn under a cover-up; sun cap; sunglasses; biodegradable sunscreen; towel; and flat comfortable shoes or aqua socks are recommended.  Plastic shoes, wetsuits, masks and snorkels will be available. Guests are cautioned not to touch or step on any coral for both safety and environmental reasons. Those participating in any water activities do so at their own risk and responsibility and at the local operator’s discretion you may be asked to sign a waiver before being allowed to participate in the tour. Underwater cameras and t-shirts are available on board the boat and a film/video of your experience may also be offered for purchase directly from the tour’s operator.”


Our tour guide was excellent, very knowledgeable and friendly, she managed us very well



Me getting into the water and having the helmet lowered

20150217-DSC06646 20150217-DSC06649



One of the locals20150217-DSC06656

The photos show how much fun this was, as they say a photo is worth ….. words

20150216-VIRB087920150216-VIRB0894 20150216-VIRB093520150216-VIRB0958 20150216-VIRB096520150216-VIRB0976


20150216-VIRB099320150216-VIRB0451 20150216-VIRB045920150216-VIRB0464 20150216-VIRB049120150216-VIRB0494 20150216-VIRB052020150216-VIRB0521 20150216-VIRB054620150216-VIRB0552 20150216-VIRB062220150216-VIRB0625

A sea anemone and friends




Behind you!!


20150216-VIRB0733 20150216-VIRB073520150216-VIRB0737 20150216-VIRB074120150216-VIRB0742 20150216-VIRB074420150216-VIRB0746 20150216-VIRB074720150216-VIRB0748 20150216-VIRB074920150216-VIRB0755 20150216-VIRB075820150216-VIRB0759 20150216-VIRB076620150216-VIRB0769 20150216-VIRB077120150216-VIRB0776 20150216-VIRB0776-220150216-VIRB0777

As you can see I was not enjoying this!

20150216-VIRB078720150216-VIRB0791 20150216-VIRB079420150216-VIRB0799 20150216-VIRB080020150216-VIRB0805 20150216-VIRB080620150216-VIRB0808 20150216-VIRB081120150216-VIRB0816


The local watchdogs – Stingrays

20150216-VIRB083720150216-VIRB083820150216-VIRB083920150216-VIRB0852 20150216-VIRB085320150216-VIRB0854 20150216-VIRB085520150216-VIRB0867 20150216-VIRB087720150216-VIRB084020150216-VIRB0878

A couple of new friends Anne and Dighton


Well trained Stingrays, they know when to get into the photo. The divemaster and her colleagues feed them so they hang around, but they also know when to get into a shot!


Is anyone there?


20150216-VIRB000420150216-VIRB0012 20150216-VIRB001520150216-VIRB0016 20150216-VIRB001720150216-VIRB0020 20150216-VIRB002120150216-VIRB0022 20150216-VIRB002720150216-VIRB0048

Our divemaster was great, she even took my camera to take photos for me!

20150216-VIRB005020150216-VIRB0051 20150216-VIRB005220150216-VIRB0053 20150216-VIRB005420150216-VIRB0055 20150216-VIRB0056

20150216-VIRB0060 20150216-VIRB0064



20150216-VIRB007020150216-VIRB0073 20150216-VIRB007620150216-VIRB0078 20150216-VIRB007920150216-VIRB0080 20150216-VIRB008120150216-VIRB0095

Underwater smoke rings, what a talented girl

20150216-VIRB009720150216-VIRB0098 20150216-VIRB009920150216-VIRB0100 20150216-VIRB0102

20150216-VIRB010820150216-VIRB0110 20150216-VIRB012620150216-VIRB0130 20150216-VIRB013120150216-VIRB0132 20150216-VIRB013320150216-VIRB0135 20150216-VIRB014120150216-VIRB0147



The divemaster was not impressed when I told her that stingray is a popular dish in Singapore20150216-VIRB0239-2

This was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Bora Bora or where this sort of dive is available!!20150217-DSC06717

The shuttle to the Four Seasons Resort


20150217-DSC0667320150217-DSC06678 20150217-DSC0667920150217-DSC06699 20150217-DSC0670220150217-DSC06705


One thought on “South Pacific 2015 – Bora Bora

  • February 24, 2015 at 02:44

    Looks like you are a fantastic time… That dive looks amazing, not sure about the sting rays though


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