Sitges Spain – Oz’s First Sitges Walkabout

I had no idea what to expect other than it is a nice Spanish seaside town, seriously what does that mean, that there are bad seaside towns in Spain???? Obviously I need a Sitges Spain Walkabout to find out.

Sitges, Sitges Spain, Oz's Walkabout,

My first impressions were it is cold, around 1 or 2 C when I arrived late last night, but a bit of cold is refreshing, especially after around 25 hours of travel.

I woke up to amazingly clear blue skies and a brisk 4 or 5 C, so far so good.

Sitges, Sitges Spain, Oz's Walkabout,

Time to start my exploration of the place, and man, was I lucky. Great weather, clear skies and a clean, well cared for town, and that was just the view from the small balcony I have.

What will I find on my Sitges Walkabout ?

The First Sitges Walkabout

Sitges is definitely a great place to visit, check out the picks I took on my first walkabout. I have a 5 or 6 days here, so plenty of time to find out.

How blue is the sky.


More wandering

Not a bad way to start a short break in Espania!

One thought on “Sitges Spain – Oz’s First Sitges Walkabout

  • January 7, 2019 at 6:39 am

    looks like an interesting place, lovely photos, your kind of food!


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