SG50 National Day Parade Practice

On Saturday 20 June 2015 my quiet Saturday was disturbed by some strange noises from outside, it was Singapore Military and Civil Defence Force vehicles practising for the SG50 National Day Parade. The practice started at about 1pm and went through until around 10pm. Every Saturday from now until National Day on 09 Aug 2015 will be used to practice for the parade, including a fly past (next post will include photos of the fly past) and the fireworks display, which, unfortunately, I am not able to see from my balcony.

SG50 Logo

As this year is the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Singapore, the National Day Celebrations and Parade will be even bigger than usual. The size of the parade and (probably) the fireworks will dwarf the previous years. This year the National Day Celebration will be held at the Padang with Nicholl Highway being used as the staging area for the vehicles that will showcase Singapore’s Military and Civil Defence capabilities. Nicholl Highway is the road directly below my balcony so I have a fantastic view of the staging area, these are some of the photos I took on 20 Jun 2015.

Singapore Armed Forces

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) consists of:

  • Singapore Army
    • 72,000 Active Troops (including 35,000 conscripts)
    • Three Combined Arms Divisions
    • Two Army Operational Reserve Divisions
    • One island defence command
  • Republic of Singapore Air Force
    • 13,500 Personnel
    • 143 Aircraft
    • Seventeen Squadrons
  • Republic of Singapore Navy
    • 6 Submarines
    • 6 Frigates
    • 6 Corvettes
    • 8 Littoral Combat Ships
    • 11 Patrol Vessels
    • 4 Amphibious Transport Docks
    • 4 Mine Countermeasures Vessels
    • 2 types of Unmanned Surface Vessels

National Service

Singapore conscripts all fit and able bodied Male Singaporean Citizens, usually when they turn 18, for approximately two years of service as well as a 10 year reservist cycle where they are called up for a maximum of 40 days per year once they have completed their initial 2 years of service. In my opinion Australia should do the same!!

Singapore Civil Defence Force

The Singapore Civil Defence Force ‘s 5,600 members provide emergency services across the island. The SCDF play a major role in disaster relief operations as a part of Operation Lionheart.

Emergency Services include:

  • Paramedic Response
  • Fire Fighting

Singapore’s Military Equipment Manufacturing Industry

As a part of my research for this post I found out that Singapore has its own Military Equipment Manufacturing Industry. Military Hardware that Singapore has developed:

  • PRIMUS – Self Propelled Howitzer
  • Bionix II – Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • MATADOR (Man-portable Anti-Tank Anti-DOoR) – Unguided Short Range Anti-Armour Weapon
  • PEGASUS – Light Weight Howitzer
  • SAR 21 – Bullpup Assault Rifle (Exported to a number of countries)
  • Formidable Class Stealth Frigate
  • Prototype Singapore Built Stealth Interceptor, 22m-long Specialised Marine Craft

With the exception of the Frigate, the rest of the of the impressive hardware manufactured in Singapore will be displayed as a part of the SG50 National Day Parade.

These photos are of the first practice, where the organisers were working out how long it would take to get the various vehicles into position and then complete the parade. Makes for an interesting Saturday afternoon.

3 thoughts on “SG50 National Day Parade Practice

  • July 5, 2015 at 17:29

    interesting photos, brad likes them wants to go and see them in person

    • July 5, 2015 at 17:33

      Sure, as long as he pays for his ticket and is here before National Day!


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