28th SEA Games Opening Ceremony Fireworks

The 28th South East Asian Games are currently in progress in Singapore. Luckily I have a balcony where it was possible to witness the Opening Ceremony Fireworks in comfort with a bottle of Sparkling Red, in this case a Magpie Estate “The Tight Cluster” .

Singapore does things a bit differently when it comes to practicing for a major event they also include the fireworks, making for a great opportunity to also practice my photography.


My apartment’s balcony has a great view of the National Stadium where the Opening Ceremony was held, including the reservoir where the fireworks were launched from, so it was photo time.

Each week’s practice firework displays were progressively larger.

For the Opening Ceremony there were three separate firework displays about 1 hour a part. The first display was fairly small and the view from my balcony was partly blocked by the stadium. The second display was larger and launched from the platforms floating in the Kallang River Basin.

The third and final display of Fireworks were the biggest and the best, was also launched from the Kallang River Basin platforms. Unfortunately, on the actual night of the South East Asian Games Opening Ceremony, there was no wind, which meant that the smoke from the previous sets of fireworks over shadowed the following set.


Even with the smoke, it was still a pretty good firework display, looking forward to the Closing Ceremony!

One thought on “28th SEA Games Opening Ceremony Fireworks

  • June 11, 2015 at 10:37

    Nuthin like a Tight Cluster to round off one`s late night fireworks….


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