Panama Canal Transit – Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas was our last Mexican Port of Call, as we were in Mexico thought it would be a good idea to attend an educational tour on one of the most recognised Mexican exports, Tequila. I was a little worried about the 8:30am start time, have never seen Tequila as a breakfast beverage, but when in Mexico…

Experience the unique flavors of Mexico during this premiere tequila-tasting event.

Depart the pier for the drive to your tequila-tasting event. Upon arrival, you will learn about tequila’s history, and how its ingredients are grown, processed, fermented and distilled to create this famous libation. You will also discover tequila’s many classifications, then have an opportunity to sample four of Mexico’s finest tequilas. Your experience will include a snack consisting of fresh tortilla chips served with traditional guacamole dip.

Following your tasting, you will receive a special certificate distinguishing you as a Tequila Ambassador before re-boarding your van for the return drive to the pier.

Please note: Guests must be at least 21 years of age to participate in tastings of alcoholic beverages.

1866 1868

The provided snack
The three tequilas and unprocessed juice we tasted
Our guide
Our tequila expert
The Chef

This was not the worst tour of the cruise, but it easily could have been a lot better. Whilst the tour guide and the tequila expert were great, very friendly and knowledgeable, everything was done on the cheap. The food was very tasty, but the portions were too small to really enjoy, the tequila samples were also small. I would have liked more samples of different tequlias to compare the different types and quality of the Mixtos and Agave.

1877 1888

Of the three tequilas we tasted my favourite was the San Mathias Gran Reserva, we also tasted Pueblo Viejo Azul Anejo and Orendain Ollitas Reposado Tequila. I tried to purchase a bottle of the San Mathias, but the restaurant where the tasting was held did not have any stock to sell, another problem as most people who had enjoyed the session were also interested in purchasing a bottle or two, an opportunity lost.

1869 1870 1871

The restaurant was a part of a time share resort and, after the tasting, we had an opportunity to look around. Not a bad beach!


1894 1895 1906

After the tasting we were given the option to return to the ship or to get dropped off in town. I took the option to get dropped off in town and wandered around a bit searching for a place that was recommended by a number of people online for their Mojitos and the quality of their cigars, J&J Habanos. The shop front was “hidden” in a back street, but, after asking a few locals I found the place and it was well worth the effort.

  1908 1910 1911

The Mojito I had, this one was made with Havana Club Anejo 7 Year Old Rum. Very refreshing after the walk around the town.



1917 1918

Once I had tried the Mojitos and purchased a couple of souvenirs it was time to start to make my way back to the ship via the marina. There is obviously a bit of money in this town

 1921 1922 1924 1925 1926 1927 1930 1931 19321955

An eco resort in the foot hills surrounding Cabo San Lucas.
The Navigator

  1943 19461956

1951 1952

I like Cabo and would like to return again one day, looked like a great place to relax.

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