November 2015 Wines – Part 2

The air is Singapore has improved significantly in November which is probably why people have become a lot more interested in going out again, as can be seen by the number of wines I have been fortunate enough to taste this month. Here is the second set for November 2015. I did say that it is the silly season. More to come.


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1 Voyager Estate Chenin Blanc

Vintage: 2013
Region: Margaret River, Australia
Varietal: Chenin Blanc
Colour: Bright straw
Nose: Citrus and passionfruit
Flavour: Citrus and passionfruit
Finish: Medium
Alcohol: 13.2%

An okay wine, nothing special, but still a decent drink
2 Tapanappa Tiers

Vintage: 2007
Region: Piccadilly Valley, Australia
Varietal: Chardonnay
Colour: Bright gold
Nose: Balanced blend of lemon, vanilla and oak
Flavour: Elegant combination of lemon, vanilla, oak and mineral
Finish: Long
Alcohol: 13.5%

I am not a chardonnay fan, but for Tiers I will always join the bandwagon. Great wine, definitely will have this again (if I am offered)
3 Brokenwood Semillon

Vintage: 2002
Region: Hunter Valley, Australia
Varietal: Semillon
Colour: Youthful pale gold
Nose: Refreshing combination of lemon zest and lime
Flavour: Balanced crisp blend of lemon and lime
Finish: Medium

Another great Hunter Valley Semillon, as Hunter Semillons age they evolve into something very special, this will be no different. Still young and vibrant, another 10 years and who knows how great it will be
4 Terrabianca Campaccio

Vintage: 1993
Region: Toscana IGT, Italy
Varietal: 70% Sangiovese, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon
Colour: Dusty garnet
Nose: Full-bodied combination of earthy, eucalyptus and black pepper aromas
Flavour: Bold blend of eucalyptus and black pepper
Tannin: Savoury
Finish: Medium - long

A great start to the reds, nicely balanced, liked the tannins
5 Veglio Barolo

Vintage: 1994
Region: Piedmont, Italy
Varietal: Nebbiolo
Colour: Dusty garnet
Nose: Full-bodied, cigar and black pepper
Flavour: Complex, balanced blend of cold tea and herbs
Tannin: Silky
Finish: Long

A wine with a lot of life in it, I am still learning about Barolo, enjoyed it a lot. Will be getting more of this if I can.
6 Moccagatta Bric Balin Barbaresco

Vintage: 2000
Region: Barbaresco DOCG, Italy
Varietal: Nebbiolo
Colour: Bright deep garnet
Nose: Full-bodied spice and black pepper blend
Flavour: Full-bodied combination of black pepper, wild berries and spice
Tannin: Structured
Finish: Medium - long
Alcohol: 14%

Great wine, liked the aromas, full-bodied with a medium to long finish
7 Château Saint-Pierre Saint-Julien Grand Cru Classé

Vintage: 1990
Region: Saint-Julien, France
Varietal: 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 44% Merlot and 12% Petit Verdot
Colour: Light ruby, still quite bright
Nose: Complex blend of spice, liquorice and cedar
Flavour: Balanced blend of cedar and spice
Tannin: Silky
Finish: Medium - long

Full-bodied, has aged gracefully
8 Gaja Sito Moresco Rosso

Vintage: 2005
Region: Langhe, Piedmont, Italy
Varietal: 35% Nebbiolo, 35% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon
Colour: Garnet
Nose: Pleasant blend of cherry, oak and spice
Flavour: Cheery, oak and spice
Tannin: Fine
Finish: Medium - long

Gaja is one of everyone's favourite Italian producers, this was the first time I had tried this wine, a good drop, well worth a try
9 Paolo Scavino Barolo

Vintage: 2004
Region: Barolo, Italy
Varetial: Nebbiolo
Colour: Bright garnet
Nose: Medium-bodied wild berry and spice blend
Flavour: Balanced combination of berries and spices
Tannin: Firm
Finish: Medium - long
Alcohol: 14.5%

2004 was apparently a good year for wine in Italy, this wine was evidence of this, another good drop
10 Chateau Montelena Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage: 2010
Region: Nappa Valley, USA
Varetial: Cabernet Sauvignon
Colour: Vivid deep crimson
Nose: Big blend of blackcurrant, cherries, plum and spice
Flavour: Balanced blackcurrant, plum, cherries, spice and maybe pepper combination
Tannin: Structured
Finish: Medium - long
Alcohol: 13.8%

A fairly big red to finish off the red wines for the day. Not a bad wine, but it was not of the same calibre as the other wines. Will have to give this a chance when the company is not as outstanding

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