My Next Cruise – Tahiti to Lima

As my departure date, 12 Feb 2015, for my next cruise is rapidly approaching, it is time to post a few details about it.

This will be my third cruise on Regent and second on board the RSS Mariner, and this cruise is a little different to my previous ones as the majority of days are at sea instead of in port, we visit 6 ports and have 10 sea days. The part of the Pacific Ocean that we will be visiting is very sparsely populated with islands and atolls, therefore lots of sea days.

I enjoy sea days, but they are not for everyone as I guess some people feel that they will get bored. I doubt I will have a chance to get bored as 4 days is the longest continuous period at sea on the cruise, which is a lot shorter than my longest continuous period at sea, an extremely monotonous 54 days, not something I would recommend.

The places I am looking forward to the most on the cruise are Easter Island and the Pitcairn Islands, also looking forward to an Aqua Safari in Bora Bora and to hopefully cycle around Fakarava (just need to find a good bike when we get there).

By the time I return to Singapore I would have circumnavigated the globe, a first for me, visited 8 countries (considering French Polynesia to be 1 country), 4 continents and crossed 3 oceans, Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Flying about 43,300 kms and Sailing approximately 8,700 kms for a total of around 52,000 kms . FYI, the circumference of the Earth is 40,075 kms. Can’t wait!

The Cruise:

Ship:                         Regent Seven Seas Mariner

Embarkation:         Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Dis-Embarkation: Callao, Peru


Date                    Port                                                          Arrival                         Departure

14 Feb 2015       Papeete (Tahiti), French Polynesia                                         23:59

15 Feb 2015       Huahine, French Polynesia                08:00                           18:00

16 Feb 2015       Bora Bora, French Polynesia             08:00                           16:00

17 Feb 2015       Rangiroa, French Polynesia               11:00                             18:00

18 Feb 2015       Fakarava, French Polynesia               08:00                           16:00

19 Feb 2015       Cruise The Pacific Ocean

20 Feb 2015       Cruise The Pacific Ocean

21 Feb 2015       Pitcairn Islands                                    08:00                            16:00

22 Feb 2015       Cruise The Pacific Ocean

23 Feb 2015       Cruise The Pacific Ocean

24 Feb 2015       Easter Island, Chile                             10:00                            19:00

25 Feb 2015       Cruise The Pacific Ocean

26 Feb 2015       Cruise The Pacific Ocean

27 Feb 2015       Cruise The Pacific Ocean

28 Feb 2015       Cruise The Pacific Ocean

01 Mar 2015      Lima (Callao), Peru                              15:00

02 Mar 2015      Lima (Callao), Peru

My Flights:

Date                    Flight           From               To                        Depart        Arrive

12 Feb 2015       EK432         Singapore       Brisbane            15:15         +1 day 00:50

13 Feb 2015       EK434         Brisbane         Auckland           08:25        14:35

13 Feb 2015       ANZ40        Auckland        Papeete              18:35         00:50

03 Mar 2015     AA918          Lima               Miami                 00:35        06:16

03 Mar 2015     AA1437        Miami             Dallas                 09:20        11:42

05 Mar 2015     EK222          Dallas             Dubai                  11:20         +1 day 12:00

06 Mar 2015     EK352          Dubai             Singapore           21:30        +1  day 08:40



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