Adelaide Central Market October 2014

If you are ever in Adelaide and looking for something to do, the Adelaide Central Market is a great place to go on a market day, it is under cover so weather is not an issue. There are organised tours, but it is not a hard place to get around and there are lots of places to stop and grab a bite or a good cup of coffee!


I was back in Adelaide recently and went to the Market with my Mother one Saturday morning, these are my photos from the our wandering around.

DSC08259 DSC08260

The majority of the produce is sourced locally from the areas around Adelaide so it is all fresh, this includes the meat, poultry and seafood

DSC08261 DSC08262 DSC08263 DSC08264 DSC08265DSC08270

DSC08266 DSC08268

The various cheese stands have cheeses from all over the World and Australia as well as South Australia


DSC08271 DSC08272DSC08273 DSC08288DSC08274DSC08278

I miss good coffee as there are not many places in Singapore where you can grab a good coffee , so I was pretty happy to find The Grind.




They even have pods that are compatible with various coffee machines, so grabbed a couple of bags, and the coffee is not bad!

DSC08286DSC08280 DSC08281 DSC08282       DSC08289 DSC08290


DSC08293 DSC08295



DSC08299 DSC08300 DSC08301 DSC08302 DSC08303 DSC08304 DSC08305 DSC08306 DSC08307 DSC08308 DSC08309 DSC08310 DSC08311 DSC08312 DSC08365DSC08313 DSC08314

DSC08315 DSC08316

DSC08317 DSC08318 DSC08319

DSC08320 DSC08321 DSC08322 DSC08323 DSC08324  DSC08328DSC08327 DSC08329 DSC08330 DSC08331 DSC08332 DSC08335 DSC08390DSC08383



One of the great things about the Adelaide Central Market is that every nationality that has settled in Adelaide probably has a representation in the Market, including Eurasia (Mongolia).

DSC08341 DSC08343 DSC08344


DSC08347 DSC08348 DSC08349 DSC08350 DSC08351 DSC08352


DSC08355 DSC08356 DSC08357 DSC08359 DSC08361 DSC08363 DSC08371 DSC08373 DSC08374 DSC08375

DSC08377 DSC08376DSC08378 DSC08381  DSC08384 DSC08385

The Fire Sticks are aptly named and have a double burning effect, great for clearing the sinuses 🙂


Getting to the Market is easy, just catch a tram and get off at Queen Victoria Square, it is next door / behind the Hilton, between Grote and Gouger Streets.


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