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As I type this I am sitting in the Emirates Lounge in KL awaiting my second flight of the day. The first flight was an uneventful short 40 mins on Jetstar, next is 7 hours on an Emirates A380, looking forward to it!! Somehow I think that the level of service will be noticeably different between the two airlines 🙂

Jetstar A320 flight 3K685

In order to meet the Ship, Seven Seas Mariner, I need to travel half way around the world, from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to Dubai to Sao Paolo Brazil and then, finally, after 68 or so hours, Lima! I have a 12 hour stopover in both Dubai and Sao Paolo. Unfortunately it will be too late in Dubai to do anything, so will have to slum it in the Emirates First Class Lounge! In Brazil I am staying overnight so, may have a chance to look around, will see how I feel after 15 hours on a plane!

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