Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai – EK347

KLIA Airport, organised chaos. Boarding time was before the gate was opened, people hanging around the gate to waiting for it to open. Opens an hour before the flight and then everyone charges the gate to go through security. I was at the front of the line so was able to avoid most of it, but it did slow down boarding of the flight.

Once through security though everything changed. I was met by the purser and escorted to the upper level, then, after a quick photo, onto the aircraft.


Where I was also escorted to my suite, not sure how I am going to survive the trip.


Next up, to help me acclimate, a glass of bubbles, Cuvee Dom Perignon 2003


Dinner, started with Caviar, not bad, enjoyed it with a very nice French White, Condrieu les Cassines, Paul Jaboulet Aine 2011 from the Rhone. Next up, was Malaysia Chicken Kelentan Stylem but before that arrived it was time for a glass or two of Curly Flat Pinot Noir 2010. For dessert I had the Bread and Butter Pudding, my Aunty Lu’s was better, with a glass of Sauternes, Chateau de Suduiraut 2006. Also had to try the Port of course, a Grahams’s Single Vintage Tawny Port 1974

The crew onboard are from 15 different countries, speak 13 different languages. An added plus is the purser is from Australia, she is making sure my flight is memorable. Not sure I will be able to handle the transition back to the real world. Could get used to getting “Lost” in this sort of style.

On an Emirates A380, in First Class, you get access to the shower spas, a shower at 40,000 Ft is not bad, very refreshing, followed up with a nice cup of herbal tea!!!

The shower / bathroom is bigger than bathrooms in some of the apartments in Singapore I have checked out. You get 5 minutes of water, much more than the once a week 30 second splash and dash on an “O Boat” or the 2 minute Hollywood Shower on a Collin Class Boat!!  Definitely something that I could handle again in the future.

DSCN0631 DSCN0632 DSCN0633 DSCN0634

Arrived in Dubai feeling good, a bit tired, but that was the plan. Next up the First Class Lounge and the Cigar Lounge before trying to catch some sleep.

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