Day 15 – Ushuaia, Argentina


Today we visited Ushuaia, Argentina, a new country, the third of the cruise. I had arranged a local tour guide to show us around and through a company called Tours by Locals, but after trying to contact the guide and getting no response from them I was getting a bit worried that something was wrong, unfortunately I was right. Our guide had gotten the time we were docking wrong, he thought 6am, I had informed him 12pm, so he had booked another tour and was no longer available.


The big problem was that I had arranged this not just for me but my friends as well and this port was one of the highlighted ports of the cruise as there are so many things to do and see. Which is why I did a lot of research on the tours provided by Regent and found, incorrectly, that what was on offer was not that great, so booked a local tour guide. Thankfully, my research was wrong, and what had been reported by a number of people was so far off the mark that the tour we were luckily able to get booked on was one of the best tours I have done. I recommend that the End of the World Train, Tierr del Fuego National Park and the Beagle Channel Tour, it is worth the money!

Just want to say that the customer service provided by Tours by Locals was excellent, they responded to my email about the double booking of our guide within a few hours and arranged a full refund. I intend to use their services the next time I am looking for a local guide. I especially want to mention Jessica Pilon, she is the Customer Support Manager and made sure that everything was sorted with minimal fuss! If you are looking for a local guide, I suggest you check out Tours by Locals, my experience is the exception, not the norm.

DSC02147 DSC02146

This morning I was lucky enough to catch the Pilot coming on board, it was not rough so, not a difficult transfer

DSC02151 DSC02150DSC02153 DSC02152DSC02149 DSC02148 DSC02154

Ushuaia is claimed by the locals to be the southern most city in the world (Puerto Willimas in Chile thing that they are the southern most city, but they have a population of less than 3,000, so I don’t believe that they are large enough to be considered a city).

DSC02165 DSC02164

This is the last port a large number vessels who travel to Antarctica and for the yachts who are intending to sail around the “Horn” so it is a busy port. There were 4 cruise ships in port including us, two of which were smaller than us and equipped to visit Antarctica, they have zodiacs to transfer people ashore, another trip to add to the bucket list.

DSC02155   DSC02172

After docking, a little late, we boarded our coach and headed from the port to the  Tierr del Fuego National Park via the End of the World Train, driving through the outskirts of Ushuaia.

DSC02170 DSC02168 DSC02167 DSC02166


This another attractive part of the world, and deserves more than a single day to visit and explore, hopefully I will get the opportunity to return as a part of when I drive Pan American Highway as the start / end of it is in the Tierr del Fuego National Park.

DSC02194 DSC02193

After a pleasant drive through the country side a past a couple of golf courses, we arrived that the End of the World Train Station.


DSC02212DSC02213 DSC02216 DSC02217

This train line was built by the prisoners who were imprisoned by Argentina from 1884 until 1947. The train line was used to transport the prisoners to obtain the raw materials, mainly wood, required to support the Penal Colony. The train line was shutdown in 1952 and then restored / rebuilt in 1994 as a tourist attraction.

DSC02220DSC02227 DSC02229 DSC02235

After a few minutes to stretch our legs and checkout the custom-built locomotives, we board out train, unfortunately we had to survive in business class, we did not rate first class.

DSC02236 DSC02239

DSC02243 DSC02244 DSC02245

Contrary to some of the reviews I found online, the train is comfortable and nice way to view the countryside. As we traveled up the hill a taped commentary is played providing you with a history of the area and the train.

DSC02249 DSC02255 DSC02257 DSC02270

DSC02272 DSC02274 DSC02279

The “Business Class” train

DSC02283 DSC02285 DSC02286 DSC02289 DSC02299 DSC02303 DSC02319 DSC02331 DSC02334 DSC02336DSC02339

The end of the line.

DSC02356 DSC02373



From here we drove another 30 mins or so to the start / end of the Pan American Highway. From here it is about 48,000 Kms to the other end at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

DSC02397 DSC02398

After a short walk we board our catamaran for the journey back to Ushuaia via the Beagle Channel and the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

DSC02400 DSC02401

The views are spectacular. Patagonia is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives.

DSC02402DSC02403 DSC02406 DSC02410 DSC02417 DSC02428 DSC02430 DSC02433 DSC02434  DSC02441DSC02459

As we cruised down the channel we passed the Malvinas Argentinas International Airport.

DSC02440DSC02464 DSC02465 DSC02488 DSC02489 DSC02490 DSC02491 DSC02493 DSC02501 DSC02502 DSC02504 DSC02505 DSC02508 DSC02510

Within the Beagle Channel there are large number of islands that are covered in wildlife, sea birds (we did not see a single penguin) and seals are everywhere

DSC02512DSC02513 DSC02514 DSC02515 DSC02516 DSC02522 DSC02524 DSC02526 DSC02539 DSC02543 DSC02544DSC02552 DSC02553 DSC02555 DSC02557 DSC02558DSC02577 DSC02578 DSC02580 DSC02581 DSC02582

DSC02565 DSC02566 DSC02571 DSC02572 DSC02577 DSC02578 DSC02580 DSC02581

The furthest point of our Beagle Channel Tour was the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. Unfortunately this is not the End of the World Lighthouse, which is the San Juan de Salvamento Lighthouse, but is still worth the visit.

DSC02586 DSC02590 DSC02594 DSC02599DSC02610 DSC02611

Once we cruised around the Lighthouse we headed back to the wharf to our home afloat the Mariner.

Today’s tour is one of the highlights of the cruise and even though I was very disappointed that we did not get to go on our private tour, I think that what we did end up doing was better and we were lucky that there was a screw up!!

Next stop is the Falkland Islands, British Overseas Territory, but first another day at sea

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