Day 14 – Punta Arenas, Chile / En Route to Ushuaia

Today we were meant to be visiting Punta Arenas, Chile, but due to the high winds we were not able to dock.


DSC01984 DSC01987

During the night the Captain made the decision to land a passenger who had tripped and fallen into the door frame of her suite entrance seriously braking something, guessing arm or collar-bone or both, which required her to be hospitalised, so he picked a dock somewhere prior to Punta Arenas to land her and her husband. The winds were very high which made docking impossible, so the Captain used the ships thrusters and a couple of forward and aft lines to hold the ship stable long enough for a gangway to be used to disembark the two of them. During this exercise one of the lines broke, which demonstrated how strong the winds were and how skill full the skipper is!!! Wish I had not slept through it and seen Captain Felice Patruno’s skill in person! (BTW, we have heard that the injured lady is doing well).


When I awoke we were stationed just off from Punta Arenas, this was another port I was really looking forward to as today I was meant to be Kayaking in the Straits of Magellan, but I guess Kayaking is not in the cards for me this trip. The decision was made to visit another Fjord on the way to Ushuaia. This turned out to be a great decision as the scenery was spectacular. We cruised the Gabriel Passage

DSC01998 DSC01996 DSC01993

DSC02005 DSC02008 DSC02006 DSC02010 DSC02017 DSC02012 DSC02011

I also to the opportunity to wander the ship and take a few photos of the various areas.

My Suite
The passageway outside my suite
The main lift well / atrium
Up to the sky


The lift well

Mariner Lounge, one of the quietest areas on the ship
Mariner Lounge
Compass Rose, the main dining room on board
Compass Rose
Compass Rose
The Captain’s Table. Still waiting for my invite!
A hand sanitiser. These are all over the ship and are movement activated
Signatures, my favourite restaurant on board this trip. More because of the service, Eric the Maitre d’ and his team make everyone who dine there feel special and the food is not bad either
A Signatures table setting, all of the furnishings and plates are provided by Versace

More of the amazing views from the days cruising

DSC02048 DSC02061 DSC02060 DSC02059 DSC02057 DSC02054 DSC02050 DSC02063

It was a really a pleasant day of cruising, would have enjoyed a stop at Punta Arenas, but would recommend that Regent add this to the itinerary in the future, may be cut out a day in Lima. The glacier that you can see here is the Agostini Glacier.

DSC02074 DSC02109 DSC02108 DSC02107 DSC02105 DSC02104 DSC02102 DSC02099 DSC02098 DSC02096 DSC02095 DSC02094 DSC02093 DSC02091 DSC02090 DSC02089 DSC02088 DSC02086 DSC02085 DSC02084 DSC02083 DSC02082 DSC02078 DSC02076

Our next port of call is Ushuaia, Argentina, where we have a private tour organised!

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