Americano Dallas Texas

Americano is an Italian Restaurant that was near my hotel in Dallas Texas. The menu looked pretty good so I decided to give it a try for dinner.

From Americano’s website:

Americano is a vibrant, casual Italian restaurant with a prime location on Main Street adjacent to The Joule. The experience, full of whimsy, is an inviting atmosphere punctuated by Americano’s eclectic design inspired by 1960’s Italian cinema. Some of the menu features include hand-made pastas, neapolitan pizzas, and creative takes on classic Italian-American dishes. With a flexible outdoor patio space, Americano is a go-to spot for an assorted audience and perfect for large and small parties. From a celebratory al fresco meal, to a cozy corner for two, or a seat at the bustling bar, Americano offers an array of dining options.

The Food

Cured Meats & Cheese

I always enjoy a good meat and cheese platter so started with that.

A nice selection of house cured meats and cheeses, but a little stingy from a portion perspective. Liked the presentation as well.

House Made Pasta

Next up was a Pasta course. I had the Rigatoni with calabrian chili sausage, broccoli rabe pistachio pesto and pantaleo.

I really enjoyed this, a great combination of flavours, with a little heat from the spiced sausage. Nice portion size.

The Drinks

The wine list was ok, nothing jumped out at me so I decided to give their cocktails a try.

Americano Classico

Photo Cocktail wdt_ID
DSC01729-400x400.jpg Rosso Vermouth, Campari and Soda.

A refreshing start to the meal. A little bitter, like me, maybe an acquired taste, also like me 🙂

Blood Orange Margarita

Cocktail Photo wdt_ID
Tequila, Blood Orange Liqueur, Lime and Blood Orange Puree

Not bad, a good combo, enjoyed this as well
DSC01750-400x400.jpg 2

Biscotti Bourbon

Photo Cocktail wdt_ID
DSC01752-400x400.jpg Bourbon, Amaretto, Angostura, Orange Bitters

An \"Italian Style\" Old Fashion.

When I saw this on the list I just had to try it. Definitely my favourite of the cocktails, appropriately named!


If you are looking for a place in Downtown Dallas with good quality food and cocktails, good service and decent prices Americano would be a good choice. My only gripe would be the wine list, they have an OK selection, some interesting Italian wines, but not as extensive as I would like, but I am picky when it comes to wine (I blame people like Robert Rees for that!).

Would I go back, yes, I would if I was in the area again. Probably a good spot for a lazy long lunch!

Next up my trip on the Texas Eagle from Dallas Texas to Austin Texas

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