The North Atlantic – at last

Shortly I will be embarking on my first new adventure since before the craziness that is Covid-19. I will be cruising the The North Atlantic.

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Getting to London in order to board the ship in Southampton added a bit of an extra challenge to mix. You would expect that flying direct from Singapore to London would easy to arrange as there should be an abundance of flights at an “affordable” price, not so.

Whilst I was searching for flights to and from Europe with 4 to 5 days the prices increased by around 40%. In the end the best option I found was to book flights from Singapore on Emirates and back to Singapore on Thai. It did not help that in May 2022 British Airways cancelled all flights between Reykjavik and London.

Singapore to London

Even flying to Dubai from Singapore is not straight forward. I get to experience Jetstar to Jakarta before heading to Dubai and then London Heathrow on Emirates.

Southampton to Reykjavik via the North Sea

After 21 cruises to nowhere since Dec 2020, this will be my first cruise to somewhere.

By the way I am no longer a fan of Royal Caribbean after they changed their booking and change policies without notice and have no interest in the loyalty of their customers. No more RC cruises for me.

This trip is the replacement cruise for the Mediterranean cruise I was meant to be on in Jun 2020 that was cancelled due to Covid 19. I did need to “top up” the fare to join this cruise as it is 5 days longer and going to less visited ports of call, so higher port fees etc.

It is also the first time I am cruising to somewhere since I was on RSS Mariner from Papeete to Lima in 2015, a great trip, and this will be my first time will be onboard the RSS Voyager.

I recommend re-positioning cruises if you can find one, usually more cost effective and visit out of the way ports with more sea days, which I like.

My Itinerary

DayLocationArrival TimeDeparture Time
1Southampton19:00 (7pm)
2Cruising the English Channel
3Dublin, Dún Loaghaire, Ireland07:00 (7am)21:30 (9:30pm)
4Belfast, Northern Ireland08:00 (8am)18:00 (6pm)
5Killybegs, Ireland08:00 (8am)18:00 (6pm)
6Cruising the North Atlantic Ocean
7Cruising the North Atlantic Ocean
8Cruising the Labrador Sea
9Paamiut, Greenland09:00 (9am)18:00 (6pm)
10Nuuk, Greenland07:00 (7am)17:00 (5pm)
11Qaqortoq, Greenland13:00 (1pm)21:00 (9pm)
12Cruising Prins Christian Sund
13Cruising the North Atlantic Ocean
14Isafjordur, Iceland09:00 (9am)18:00 (6pm)
15Reykjavik, Iceland08:00 (8am)
16Reykjavik, Iceland10:00 (10am)

Reykjavik to Singapore

From Reykjavik to Copenhagen I will be on Icelandic, transferring to Thai for the flights to Bangkok and then Singapore.

The North Atlantic

Looking forward to being at sea in an ocean / sea that actually has a sea state, the cruises to nowhere sailed in waters that were at the worst sea state 2 usually sea state 1. Though hopefully no more than around 3 or 4, don’t want to spill my drink amongst other things.

More to follow.

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