South Pacific 2015 – Papeete

Before boarding Mariner I had a day and half in Papeete, unfortunately the combination of the effects from my travel and the poor weather, I did not get to explore the island, but I did explore the Intercontinental Resort.

I was lucky enough to get upgraded to an over-water bungalow


This is the life!




I had lunch at Le Lotus, one of the resort’s restaurant that sits out on the water, a nice place to enjoy an afternoon. For lunch I had the Seafood Paella, which was pretty nice! Le Lotus provides multiple olive oils and vinegar to dip your bread into, they use local produce like vanilla to provide some interesting contrasts. To start with I was provided with a complimentary starter, some sort of goat’s cheese, which was not bad.



Le Lotus


Random Photos from around the resort



As I had a bungalow over the water I was able to take a dip and use the opportunity to test my camera in the water. As the water was cloudy and the sky was overcast the photos are not vibrant.

20150213-VIRB007520150213-VIRB0076 20150213-VIRB007920150213-VIRB0085 20150213-VIRB008720150213-VIRB0088 20150213-VIRB008920150213-VIRB0100 20150213-VIRB010220150213-VIRB0103 20150213-VIRB010420150214-VIRB0055


 More random photos from around the resort

20150214-DSC0617620150214-DSC06197 20150214-DSC0619820150214-DSC06205  20150214-DSC0618220150214-DSC06184 20150214-DSC0618620150214-DSC06217 20150215-DSC0627220150215-DSC06241


20150214-DSC0622220150214-DSC06227   20150215-DSC0630120150215-DSC06302 20150215-DSC0630420150215-DSC0626620150215-DSC0631220150215-DSC06305

The resort’s own lagoonaquarium

20150214-DSC06187 20150214-DSC0618020150214-DSC06188 20150214-DSC06189 20150214-DSC06190 20150214-DSC06191  20150214-DSC06194 20150214-DSC06196


 The bay that resort is on is where the locals train and race their outrigger crews


On the Saturday morning there was an outrigger race from one side of the bay to the other, the shortest route was under the boardwalk near my bungalow. Looked like a few of them were more interested in having fun than racing.

20150215-DSC0624520150215-DSC06247 20150215-DSC0624820150215-DSC06249 20150215-DSC0625320150215-DSC06256 20150215-DSC0625920150215-DSC06261 20150215-DSC0626220150215-DSC06263  20150215-DSC0627020150215-DSC06271

Dinner on Friday night was with new friends back at Le Lotus, was not interested in a buffet dinner and I am glad that we did decide on Le Lotus as the food was excellent (a bit pricey though)

For my starter I had

Parrot Fish stuffed with shellfish served with Marquisian lime sauce, which was not what I was expecting, but a nice mix of the local seafood, a dish I would recommend.


For my main course I had sauted scallops, served with shiitake risotto and black tea sauce mousse. Another dish I would recommend!!


Desert was also excellent a chocolate mikado, served with dark chocolate mousse on a nut and cacao biscuit, salted butter caramel and cacao sorbet


 To drink we had a nice bottle of Argentinian Malbec, a 2010 Flechas de los Andes Gran Malbec.


Next up is boarding the Mariner!

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