South Pacific 2015 – Entertainment

On the Mariner, no different to most cruise ships, the passengers are provided with a few different types of entertainment. Some of them are not my cup of tea, but I was surprised by a couple of the stage shows, they were a lot of fun and the cast did seem to enjoy putting the shows on.

The first show that I attended (late after dinner) was Film Flashbacks.

Cirque Rock’n’Roll was meant to be have been shown earlier in the cruise, but due to rough seas, was postponed until the last night when we were alongside in Lima. I did not take any photos of the aerialists as even without a flash my camera emits a bright light that could be distracting. The aerialists are former members of the Cirque du Soleil Troop and put on a great show that was very well supported by the rest of the cast. This was a great show with one exception, the male lead singer dressing as the Fonz whilst singing an Elvis song, the should be a law against this sort of thing, penalty keelhauling.

The on-board band is call the Regent Signature Orchestra, same for all Regent ships, playing a variety of music from swing through jazz, then contemporary and pop. They also provide the music for the stage shows. A busy and talented bunch of musicians.

My favourite group is the Natural Rhythm Trio, three guys from the Philippines. They were also on my last crew, but one of the trio has left for a while, the new guy seems to have introduced a few more modern songs to their repertoire. The Trio’s theme for the cruise was “Happy” and for the Minion Fans

In addition to the band, trio, Andriy Shababla, a very good pianist who could usually be found pre-dinner in the Observation Lounge tinkling the ivories, and stage shows, Regent provides specialty entertainers who put on shows once or twice per cruise, they usually fly in and fly out during the cruise. I did not see any of their shows on this trip, none really interested me, but there was a Comedic Magician, a Ventriloquist,  a Singer / Pianist and a Magician.

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