South Pacific 2015 – James Bond Trivia & Martini Night

One of my favourite nights on board a Regent Cruise is the James Bond Night, this one, from an entertainment perspective, was the best one I have seen so far. If you are interested, please read my post about the Bond Night on on my previous cruise.

The entire cast are involved, asking Bond Trivia questions between James Bond theme songs with which the cast perform different dance routines, the band provides the music. The trivia scores are kept, 1 point to the passengers for a correct answer, 1 point to the cast for a wrong answer.


First up is a martini, there are so many to choose from, a nice problem to have. The cast and band are all dressed as either “Secret Service” or as “Bond Girls” all trying to look menacing. The host for the night was the self proclaimed “Junk Bond” our cruise director Wille Aames.

There were a couple of difficult trivia questions this time. Courtney Daniels, the lead female singer, asked questions about the number of people James had killed and the number of women he had slept with, we did not even get close. May have to do some research before the next cruise!

Every James Bond night there is one question that is always asked, what is the name of Ian Fleming’s house that is also the name of one of the movies, the correct answer is Goldeneye, the cast’s answer is Goldfinger, guess that the same list of questions and answers is provided to each ship and has never been updated.

The new part of the show was the “shadow” show, which was my favourite act of the trip, next time I will get a spot in the centre of the theater so that I can take photos that provide the full effect of the light and shadows.

As usual the passengers won, although it was close. This time it came down to the final question, that we nearly got wrong because of my accent. Apparently an Australian accent is to heavy for some, ie Junk Bond, to understand, but we did sort it, so we passengers won again! The final question was “Which is the only Bond film that does NOT have an action sequence before the main titles?” It is Dr No.

A question for you, why was an action sequence added to the start of the rest of the Bond films?? Leave a comment and I will let you know if you are correct.

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