South Pacific 2015 – Dinner With Friends Part 4

The worst night on board a cruise is the last night, but a great way to forget that it is the last night is to spend it with friends. Even though we were docked in Lima, we decided that we should enjoy our last dinner in Compass Rose.


Compass Rose is the restaurant that we dined in the least. Not because we did not enjoy the place, quite the contrary, we just ran out of nights. To make the dinner even more memorable we were looked after by King, he made sure that all of our favourites were served, French Fries for all of us and chili for me, every type that he could find, tabasco sauce, chili flakes and sambal oelek.

To accompany the starters, we had a bottle of NV Terre dei Grifi Frascati DOC. Pale straw colour, citrus aromas, a good level of acid, with peach flavours, a great wine for a warm afternoon. Will have to keep an eye out for it in Singapore. A good choice to have with the assorted scallops that I had for a starter, they were excellent.

My main was fettuccine bolognese, with fresh chili. Just the way I like it.

Emiliano provided a mystery red wine to have with our mains, which we all enjoyed immensely. Deep ruby-red colour, with plums and pepper aromas, full-bodied, balanced tannins and medium finish. Guessing it was a Syrah, but Emiliano never found time to get back to the table and let us know what we were drinking. Enjoyed it with my bolognese.


A great dinner, a fitting end to the cruise. All I need to do now is choose my next cruise!

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