Panama Canal Transit – Guest Vessel Building Competition Judging

A tradition on Regent Panama Canal Transits (apparently) is the Guest Vessel Building Competition, I did not participate, did not know anyone when the competition started, so missed out. Teams of guests get together to build, using only materials that they have on board or purchase during the cruise (although I am not sure how “legal” that is), a vessel that is sea worthy (well pool worthy).


On this cruise there were three teams that completed their vessels and submitted them for judging by the Captain and the Chief Engineer after passing the sea worthiness test.

Please vote on which vessel you believe is the best.


Australia II (KA6)
Twin Masted Sailing Boat

 3135 3136

Team Australia II, checkout the lookout at the top of the mast, he did not survive the rough weather


Team Navigator

3193 3140

Team Sailing Boat


     3151 3153 3156 3161 3164

Rough Weather Approaching

  31763177 3185 31883190 The materials used on board included paper-mache, cotton napkins, place mats from the Pool Bar, latex paint (acquired from the crew).

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