Madrid Spain Oz’s Second Walkabout

The weather was still very good on my second day in Madrid, so I went for another stroll / bus trip around the place. I also wanted to check out the Asia Exhibit at the Spanish Naval Museum (Y EL Museo Naval).

Madrid,  Madrid Spain,

But before we go for a stroll, forgot to add a few pics of my Andalusian “snack” from the previous day.

La Gaditana Castellana

Great food that went very well with Manzanilla Sherry. Hit the spot after an afternoon of wandering around Madrid. Another spot to visit in Madrid. Check out the glass…

Torres de Colón

One of the visually striking buildings in Madrid is the Columbus Towers or Torres de Colón. The towers were built in 1976 and are know locally as
“El Enchufe” or “The Plug”.

Y EL Museo Naval Madrid

Whilst I was in Madrid there was an exhibition at the Spanish Naval Museum on the nautical history of Spain in Asia. I knew that Spain had established colonies in the Philippines, but not much more, so was looking forward to an education.

The outside of the building was a bit misleading, the “front” is also the Spanish Navy Headquarters in Madrid, inside it a well preserved heritage building.

The Asia exhibition is made up of artefacts collected by the Spanish Navy and their agents from their time in region. It was interesting to read how the Spanish Navy portrayed itself as using diplomacy first before force.

Bugis Pirates

As the suburb next to mine is Bugis, I took a bit more notice of this display. The Straits of Malacca is still the most pirated waterway in the world and has been one of the most pirated for centuries.

The Buginese people are an ethnic group from Indonesia who’s ancestors were sea going traders and pirates. They traded with the indigenous people of New Guinea and northern Australia.

After the Asia exhibit there was a room filled with an amazing collection of models of Spanish Naval Vessels and Aircraft. The craftsmanship and attention to detail blew me away, especially all of the submarine models.

Madrid,  Madrid Spain,

U-81 a Type VIIC U-boat that sunk the HMS Ark Royal

If you are interested in all things nautical and are in Madrid, I recommend the Naval Museum. Take your headphones as the audio tour is streamed via your own phone when it is connected to their WiFi next work.

El Botanico Restaurante

After the museum it was time for a spot of lunch, this time we dined, just down the street from The Spanish Farm, @ El Botanico Restaurante.

I wanted Paella, so that was my choice. The rest of dishes were more local Madrid fare. Another great meal in Spain. Another place I would recommend if you are in Madrid.

Intercontinental Madrid

My “home” in Madrid was the Intercontinental Hotel. The staff of the hotel made my stay a pleasure, will stay there again.

Centro Cultural de la Villa

In the same square as the Monument to Christopher Columbus there is the Cultural de la Villa where there is a very interesting fountain that my photos do not do justice.

If I had more patience I would have waited for the entire cycle to restart and video the “words” that are formed in the water, not just the shapes.

Above the fountain is the Escultura Julia de Jaume Plensa.


I enjoyed my time in Madrid, a well laid out city with a eclectic collection of buildings. The food is great and next time, I hope to check out a winery or two in the region surrounding Madrid. Hope to return soon.

Spain, Madrid, Madrid Spain

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