Gaggan Anand Pop Up Singapore

Gaggan Anand and his team have been in Singapore for the last 6 or so months to give us residence an opportunity to experience Gaggan’s food, and Vlad’s wine pairings, during these strained times. The concept is that this is pop up restaurant, though, IMHO, they have been here long enough to be considered a bit more than a pop up.

The pop up has been hosted by the Mandala Club and ends on 30 Jun 2022… Would love a chance to dine there again before they shut up shop, we will see!

I was lucky enough to dine there twice during this period and thought I would share a some pics of the food.

March 2022 – Lunch

My favourite dishes were:

Gaggan has stepped up the Yogurt Explosion by adding his version of pop rocks to the mix. The you slide the yogurt into betel leaf with the crystals and then eat the whole thing in one go. Two explosions in one… Loved it!

The raw curry was my other favourite dish. Loved the combination of flavours as well as the presentation. Simply awesome

April 2022 – Lunch

In addition to the yogurt explosion and the raw curry I really enjoyed the:

The curry served in a very attractive tiffin tin set… Another create combination of flavours

I love the lick it up idea, break down people’s walls, ie stop being stuck up and to remember to enjoy yourself. The combination of the various flavours of Indian Cuisine as you lick the plate (yes lick the plate, no cutlery is provided) reminds you just how good and fun it is to enjoy your food.

To round of the meal there was a new addition, well for me anyway, Suck It Up, a mango lassi. I am not usually a fan of mango, but really enjoyed this. If you were not laughing by this stage, I am sorry, but I don’t think you would be good company for me at dinner or lunch….

Gaggan Anand

As usual Gaggan Anand’s food is more than a meal it is an experience.

When you include Vlad Kojic’s wine pairings you will find why these two have worked together so long. Vlad understands Gaggan’s food and picks the right alcohol to pair with each set of courses, though I am not always sure about his orange wine selections…

For me the April lunch was the better of the two. Lick it up and the finale that is called suck it up add to the fun.

Can’t wait until my next opportunity to dine in one of Gaggan’s restaurants.

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