Exclusive Whisky Bar

One of the highlights of my trip to North America was my visit to an exclusive Whisky Bar around, so exclusive that one of the conditions of entry is that you keep its name and location a secret.

My visit was arranged by a couple of my friends and was a great surprise. Not sure I will ever come across another place quite like it, sorry Emmanuel, I still enjoy the Auld Alliance in Singapore, but this place has something extra special about it.

The Library

The first thing I noticed as I entered the bar was that it was not really a bar, more a Whisky Library. The entire room is lined with shelving that has been crafted specifically to showcase each of the carefully selected bottles including back-lighting.

I was amazed with the main room but was politely informed I needed to go for a bit of wander and check out the rest of the place, there are TWO more rooms set up the same way.

Within the bar there are over 1600 bottles of Whisky on display from all over the world, although I only saw one bottle Australian Whisky. Might have to revisit (if I can swing another invite) to confirm whether or not there is more than one bottle or two. Possibly I can trade a bottle or two for an invite, hopefully that will be a good enough incentive.

Unfortunately, due to house rules, it is not possible to have a cigar within the library itself, but that does not stop one from having a very enjoyable Whisky tasting or three.

Forty Creek

Whilst I was there I got try a few wee drams including a Canadian Whisky called Forty Creek. The bottle we tried was their Confederation Oak Reserve. What makes this a special drink is the fact that the barrels that the Whisky is aged for the final 2 years of its aging process are made from Oak Trees that were planted in 1867 to commemorate Canada’s Confederation. In total this Whisky is aged for 6 years, the first four in bourbon barrels.

It has a medium-deep amber colour with a perfumed nose of vanilla, leather, caramel, raisin and honey aromas. On the palate it is smooth, balanced and rich, with a long finish that has no heat. A great whisky, I hope that they have a few more barrels of the stuff aging blissfully, it will be a great drop with 10+ years of age.

If you are lucky enough to have connected friends like mine and get to visit this place you will understand why they want to keep the place exclusive and anonymous!

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