Day 8 – Keelung and Taipei Taiwan Part 2

This is the second part of my post on my visit to Keelung and Taipei in Taiwan, Part 1 is here.

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Taipei is definitely an interesting place, there is always something around to put a smile on your dial.


After we left the Textile Market in Taipei it was time for lunch…. On the food side of things Judy is the expert and she had chosen a place that is known for its beef noodles.

With the beef noodles we also had a beef roll, looks like a beef spring roll and is very tasty. Lunch was great, something very simple and tasty. I think that the place we went to is a part of a chain.

More wandering the streets of Taipei

Afternoon Tea

Whilst we were on the way towards Taipei 101, we stopped at Years Cake for a pineapple cake. Pineapple cake is a traditional Taiwanese desert and Years Cake is known for theirs.

Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung originated from Taipei and we passed the original outlet.

During Covid this outlet was converted to takeaway only and remains like that. There is a new dine establishment down the street apparently. Somewhere to try next trip.

Taipei Xinyi Public Assembly Hall

After a short trip on the metro we arrived in downtown Taipei near Taipei 101. Not far from the MRT is the restored Taipei Xinyi Public Assembly Hall. This site was a military housing for the veterans who migrated to Taiwan and was called Sisinan Village. The site is now a museum, one that does not allow photography inside.

Taipei 101

Due to my schedule, I had to be back on board early so that I could attend a Chef’s Table, we did not venture up to the viewing deck in Taipei 101. Also something to add to the list for the next trip. What we did do is wander around the area surrounding the tower.

101 Art Installations

At the base of the tower there are a number of art installations, definitely a place to visit at night when they are lit up. The are is pretty impressive during the day, but at night it is another level above.

Unlimited Life

This piece – made from decommissioned steel cable from Taipei 101`s Observation Deck high-speed elevator – is the world`s first art made of retired elevator cable. Steel starts its life wound up on spools only later to be unraveled. The embryonic sculpture made of the steel alters the way that we think about the cold, hard utility of the cables. The cable, having completed its duty, is regenerated and reborn as artistic creation, and by reusing it the artist gives a nod to Taipei 101`s status as the world`s tallest green building.

King Kong Rhino

This sculpture was created by Taiwanese Artist Shih Li-jen. It is nine meters long weighing in at five tons. Shih’s intention was for this sculpture to raise awareness of the need for environmental and animal protection.

Keelung Markets

After our wander around Taipei 101 it was time to head back to Keelung and to check out the night market there.

There is a fish market that opens at around 1am each morning that is apparently a fun place to visit, another item on the list for the next trip. It has stalls on both side of the street and gets pretty cramped when the big trucks maneuver down it to deliver their contents.

So much food that looked like it needed to be tasted, but I have a dinner on board soon, so had to skip it, except for the Aiyu Jelly….

Aiyu Jelly was awesome, a really refreshing drink with the jelly floating in the bowl. Think of a semi sweet version of lime juice. Loved this stuff, have tried it again in Singapore it was no where near as good. Will be back at this stall again!

Keelung Harbour and Surrounds

After the fun of the market it was time to head towards the ship and say goodbye to my guides, Judy and David.

Before that happened we checked out the Maritime Plaza which was redeveloped a few years ago, looks pretty good.


There were a couple of interesting sculptures along the boardwalk. I especially liked the business people in Guomen Square. It rains nearly every day in Keelung so they definitely need their brollies.

Another sculpture was Mountains and Seas, though not sure how this equates to Mountains and Seas. Looks like a football to me. There is a light show that goes with the sculpture, unfortunately I was too early for it.