Day 5 – Kagoshima Japan – Part 2 – Sakurajima

After exploring the grounds of Sengan-en Gardens and the Satsuma Kiriko Glassworks we needed a ferry to cross over to Sakurajima.

Ferries depart regularly and takes about 15 minutes, waiting in the queue for the bus to load took longer. A pleasant trip, thankfully it was a nice day so we had great views.


Sakurajima is an active volcano, the most active in Japan. It was originally an island that all changed in 1914 when Sakurajima, or Cherry Blossom Island, erupted an the lava flow connected the island with Kagoshima. From the ferry terminal we drove to the Arimura Observatory, passing evidence of previous lava flows and drains that have been built for the next eruption.

Arimura Observatory

The Arimura Observatory is likely to be where you will be taken to see Sakurajima. It is also a nice place to stretch your legs.

The concrete archways that are located around the place are shelters if there isn’t enough time to evacuate during an eruption.

Whilst we were on Sakurajima the volcano continually expelled steam, which added to the view.

Sakurajima has three peaks, Kita-dake (northern peak), Naka-dake (central peak) and Minami-dake (southern peak). Kita-dake is the tallest peak, Minami-dake is the only one that is currently active.

Return to Kagoshima

The timing of our return was good with the sun starting to set. Improved the view. Expect it would have been even better at sunset.


Very glad I got the chance to visit Sakurajima, one of the highlights of the cruise so far. If you do visit Kagoshima I would recommend visiting in the afternoon returning at sunset.

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