Day 18 – Cruising the Atlantic En-route to Buenos Aires – Night

Tonight is the Captain’s Farewell Reception and Krew Kapers. This always a fun night.


Captain Felice Patruno and a troublesome passenger (me).

DSC03010 DSC03006

Apologies for the bad photography, but as I was late getting to the theatre I was not able to get a seat near to the stage so that I could take decent photos.

DSC03003 DSC03002

Being a member of the Krew Kapers is a badge of honour for a large number of the crew, they hold auditions and practice every day during breaks and after work, which is impressive as a day on board, for the majority of the crew, starts before breakfast around 5:30am and, with a few breaks in between dinner services, continues through until 12am / 12:30am for a large part of the crew. If a crew member does not get through the auditions, they keep practicing so that next time, if they are lucky, they get selected for the Krew Kapers on another cruise.

DSC02998 DSC02989  DSC03058 DSC03057

The crew is from countries all over the world and they perform traditional dances from the homes

DSC03067 DSC03065

DSC03056 DSC03055

Plus some rock classics. The entire show is put on by volunteers, none of the cast on board take part.

DSC03053 DSC03048 DSC03044 DSC03037 DSC03036 DSC03033

There are some very talented people in the crew, which makes you wonder why they are not performing somewhere

DSC03032 DSC03031 DSC03030

This guy is from Bali I believe, must be hot in the costume under the lights.

DSC03029 DSC03027 DSC03026 DSC03025

The entire cast singing and dancing, taking the mickey out of the things that passengers say, there is always something new 🙂

DSC03015 DSC03014 DSC03013 DSC03011DSC03087

After the Krew Kapers are finished, the Captain and Officers take charge to say goodbye to us all.


Jamie, the Cruise Director, introducing the Crew

 DSC03083 DSC03078 DSC03077 DSC03076 DSC03075 DSC03074 DSC03073 DSC03072 DSC03070

As usual it was a great night. Next time I will have to make sure that I am earlier so that I can get a better position. There is always next cruise!

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