Cruise To Nowhere First Nightish….

The first night onboard was a nice change.


Cruise to Nowhere, Quantum of the Seas, Vintages

The night started in Vintages, the wine bar onboard, with a few cocktails whilst trying to work out where to get dinner.

The service in Vintages is great and the cocktails were pretty good as well. Had a Gin Martini myself. Though the Negronis lack a decent Vermouth, which as we found out at boarding, we are not allowed to brink on board..

Most of the restaurants were booked out except for Jamie’s Italian, which was right next door, so an easy decision and turned out to be a great choice!

Jamie’s Italian

At Jamie’s the only way to start seems to be the famous Meat Plank, which was pretty good. We also had a side of the Crispy Squid, also good, cooked just right.

For my main I had the Lasagne, which was very good, made with a more traditional sauce of pork and beef.

Cruise to Nowhere, Quantum of the Seas, Jamie's Italian,
Thanks to for the pic, I forgot to take one.

It was my first time in one of Jamie’s Italian Restaurant, the food was very good and service was excellent. Our waiter was Peter from Mumbai and he made sure that we had a great meal.

The Wine

For the wine we ordered a bottle of 2015 Le Serre Nuove Dell’ Ornellaia from the Vintages wine list. Pretty good I would give it a 3.5 out of 5 on Oz’s Travels Wine Rating.

Cruise to Nowhere, Quantum of the Seas, Jamie's Italian, Vintages, 2015 Le Serre Nuove Dell’ Ornellaia ,

Our Unlimited Dining Package includes significant discounts on wine. 40% off all bottles under USD100 and 20% off all bottles over USD100.

We also have the Deluxe Beverage Package which means that we don’t pay for any drinks that are less than USD12. So far this seems to be the right decision on the packages. Will know more when I get the bill at the end of the cruise.

Next up the Departure and Sail Away…

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