2016 October Brown Bag

It has been a while since my last post, work keeps on getting in the way of life. The October Brown Bag was a different format to our usual Brown Bags.

As the Tower Club was hosting one of the leading Chefs from Mexico City, Chef Arturo Fernandez, we had a larger attendance than usual. As there were around 15 people the Dictator of Brown Bag, Robert Rees of Wine Exchange Asia, demanded either a magnum per 2 people or 2 bottles of the same wine per two people. This meant that everyone could get a decent pour, and due to the larger attendance the wines were not poured blind as usual.

The Food

Chef Arturo Fernandez’s home restaurant is Restaurante Raíz in Mexico City, which sounds like an interesting place to visit. According to Restaurantes.com it is a good choice, this is what they say (via google translate)

In the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City, in Schiller Street 331, chefs, Arturo Fernandez, Alfredo Chavez, and Israel Montero, present us with a restaurant offering Mexican cuisine with products called Root Polanco.

His concept is called cooking stations, this means that every four months the concept is changed by variations of the seasons; In addition, the content of the letter is changed every 2 days, the objective of the menu is that everything is fresh, seasonal and can enjoy food from the sea and earth, different vegetables and more. So let yourself be surprised by going to this place.

Will have to check it out when I visit Mexico City.

Chef Arturo Fernandez and the Dictator of Brown Bag

The Menu and Photos

wdt_ID Menu Photo
1 Sopa Tarasca Soup made with base of Tortilla (Corn Pancake) and Pasilla Chilli Peper garnished with Avocado and balls of Corn dough
2 Sopecitos de Pato Michoacan-style Duck with Black Beans and Green Sauce served on a Sope (firned, thick corn Pancake)
3 Carmaron en Aqua Chile Shrimp marinated in Jalapeno Chilli servied with Pickled Cucumber and Cilantro. The shrimp was marinated for 2.5 hours
4 Pesca del Dia con Arroz Cremoso Fish-of-the-day (Black Cod) in Green Mole Sauce and Creamy Rice with Vegetables
5 Rib-Eye in Chichilo Sauce Rib Eye Steak cooked in Oaxacan Black Mole Sauce and Mini Tamales (Steamed Corn dough)
6 Arroz con Leche
Rice Pudding
Jericalla Tapatia
Guadalajara-style Traditional Milk-Based Custard

My favourite dishes were the:

  • Carmaron en Aqua Chile – Shrimp marinated in Jalapeno Chilli servied with Pickled Cucumber and Cilantro
  • Arroz con Leche – Rice Pudding
  • Jericalla Tapatia – Guadalajara-style Traditional Mike-Based Custard

The Wine

And now for the main event.

The line up on the night was pretty good, the only wine I did not enjoy was the 2011 Meneghetti Malvazija Istarska. Another quality Brown Bag.

wdt_ID Wine Photo
1 Name: Laurent-Perrier Brut
Vintage: NV
Region: Tours-sur-Marne, Champagne, France
Varietal: 50% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir, 15% Pinot Meunier
Format: Magnum
Alcohol: 12%
Colour: Bright light gold
Bead: Small, persistent bubbles
Aroma: Perfume of citrus, peach and cashew aromas
Palate: Fresh, lively, creamy and balanced
Finish: Medium-long

Comment: Always enjoy a magnum, especially of champagne, and LP is one of my favourites. A great way to start another Brown Bag
2 Name: Meneghetti Malvazija Istarska
Vintage: 2011
Region: Bale, Istria, Croatia
Varietal: Malvasia, Bianca (Pinot Blanc)
Alcohol: 13.7%
Colour: Bright pale gold
Aroma: Very different, as it got warmer there were butterscotch and caramel aromas, whilst chilled it was austere, some ripe fruit aromas
Palate: Smooth, medium-bodied
Finish: Medium

Comment: A very different wine, not my style, but worth a try. It changed significantly as it got warmer, liked it better after it was warmer, still not my type of wine.
3 Name: Happs
Vintage: 2014
Region: Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
Alcohol: 13.5%
Colour: Bright pale yellow
Aroma: Mix of green grass, ripe fruit and lychee aromas
Palate: Crisp, slightly acidic, refreshing
Finish: Medium-long

Comment: IMHO, an ok wine, good for a summer afternoon (or most afternoons in Singapore).
4 Name: Pietracupa Fiano d'Avellino
Vintage: 2014
Region: Campania, Italy
Varietal: Fiano
Alcohol: 12.5%
Colour: Bright pale straw
Aroma: Fragrant combo of peach, jasmine and a hint of honey aromas
Palate: Fresh, spritzy, hints of minerality on the palate
Finish: Medium-long

Comment: Enjoyable, I liked the light spritz and the minerality on the palate. A good paring with the Mexican food we had.
5 Name: Barossa Old Vine Company
Vintage: 2005
Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia
Format: Magnum
Varietal: Shiraz
Alcohol: %
Colour: Youthful, deep purple
Aroma: Fragrant combination blackberry, dark cherry, cedar and subtle mint aromas
Palate: Full-bodied, balanced, lush, youthful
Tannin: Velvety
Finish: Long

Comment: Always a great wine (IMHO). The wine makers of BOVC are the same people who craft Barossa Valley Estates E&E Black Pepper Shiraz. Still has many years left in it!! Hope I get to try it again and again and ......
6 Name: Haan Wilhelmus
Vintage: 2003
Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia
Varietal: 47% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot, 16% Cabernet Franc, 11% Malbec, 8% Petit Verdot
Alcohol: 14.5%
Colour: Youthful purple red
Aroma: Pleasant mix of blackcurrant, blackberry, mocha, cedar aromas
Palate: Full-bodied, balanced, smooth
Tannin: Silky
Finish: Long

Comment: Very enjoyable, youthful, Australian Bordeaux Blend, recommend this. A good wine to pair with roast red meat or a steak. Patience is needed
7 Name: The Colonial Estate Émigré
Vintage: 2004
Region: Barossa, South Australia, Australia
Varietal: Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre, Carignan & Cabernet Sauvignon
Format: Double Magnum
Alcohol: 15.5%
Colour: Deep garnet
Aroma: Mix of blackcurrant, blackberry, dark cherry, cedar and mocha aromas
Palate: Full-bodied, smooth
Tannin: Savoury
Finish: Long

Comment: Needs a lot of time to open up, even a day or two, but once it does, wow, what a great wine. A 3 litre bottle is just the thing for a quiet dinner!!
8 Name: Seppelt St Peters
Vintage: 2003
Region: Grampians, Victoria, Australia
Varietal: Shiraz
Alcohol: 13.5%
Colour: Deep dark purple
Aroma: Fragrant mix of blackberry, plum, spice and black pepper aromas
Palate: Full-bodied, lush, smooth
Tannin: Velvety
Finish: Long

Comment: And the great wines keep on coming. Have never tried the St Peters before, but it does have a great pedigree so was looking forward to this, and it was very good. Still evolving, but drinking very well right now
9 Name: Warrenmang Black Puma
Vintage: 2000
Region: Pyrenees, Victoria, Australia
Varietal: Shiraz
Alcohol: 14.5%
Colour: Dark deep garnet
Aroma: Perfume of blackberry, black plum, pepper and spice aroma
Palate: Medium / Full-bodied, structured, smooth
Tannin: Silky
Finish: Long

Comment: I am a fan of the Black Puma and have had this in my cellar for a while, had heard comments that it was passed it, better drink it now, etc, this bottle was not passed it, but did deserve to be drunk!! Another good example of Australian Cool Climate Shiraz. Definitely recommend giving this a try now!

The Line Up

2016 Oct Brown Bag, Singapore Brown Bag

Well part of it, missing the St Peters and the Black Puma

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