2016 October Brown Bag

It has been a while since my last post, work keeps on getting in the way of life. The October Brown Bag was a different format to our usual Brown Bags.

As the Tower Club was hosting one of the leading Chefs from Mexico City, Chef Arturo Fernandez, we had a larger attendance than usual. As there were around 15 people the Dictator of Brown Bag, Robert Rees of Wine Exchange Asia, demanded either a magnum per 2 people or 2 bottles of the same wine per two people. This meant that everyone could get a decent pour, and due to the larger attendance the wines were not poured blind as usual.

The Food

Chef Arturo Fernandez’s home restaurant is Restaurante Raíz in Mexico City, which sounds like an interesting place to visit. According to Restaurantes.com it is a good choice, this is what they say (via google translate)

In the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City, in Schiller Street 331, chefs, Arturo Fernandez, Alfredo Chavez, and Israel Montero, present us with a restaurant offering Mexican cuisine with products called Root Polanco.

His concept is called cooking stations, this means that every four months the concept is changed by variations of the seasons; In addition, the content of the letter is changed every 2 days, the objective of the menu is that everything is fresh, seasonal and can enjoy food from the sea and earth, different vegetables and more. So let yourself be surprised by going to this place.

Will have to check it out when I visit Mexico City.

Chef Arturo Fernandez and the Dictator of Brown Bag

The Menu and Photos

wdt_ID Menu Photo

My favourite dishes were the:

  • Carmaron en Aqua Chile – Shrimp marinated in Jalapeno Chilli servied with Pickled Cucumber and Cilantro
  • Arroz con Leche – Rice Pudding
  • Jericalla Tapatia – Guadalajara-style Traditional Mike-Based Custard

The Wine

And now for the main event.

The line up on the night was pretty good, the only wine I did not enjoy was the 2011 Meneghetti Malvazija Istarska. Another quality Brown Bag.

wdt_ID Wine Photo

The Line Up

2016 Oct Brown Bag, Singapore Brown Bag

Well part of it, missing the St Peters and the Black Puma

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