2014 South America Cruise Day 7 – Coquimbo Chile

On day 7 of our 2014 South America Cruise we arrived in Coquimbo, Chile. Just like the previous ports in Peru and Chile, Coquimbo is situated within Atacama Desert. This time there is a bit of green around. Today’s tour was to the Enchanted Valley followed by a visit to Tabali Vineyard in the Limari Valley.

2014 South America Cruise Day 7 - Coquimbo Chile

The Tour


We depart from the pier and drive south on the Pan-American Highway, along the coast and past beautiful beaches such as La Herradura, Las Tacas, and Guanaqueros. As we leave the coast behind, we will observe the permanent thick fog known as camanchaca, or coastal clouds, above the hillside, a phenomenon that produces moisture in this area. Then, going inland to the east, we will see crops of “pepino“, here called sweet cucumber – and the raising of cattle.

We will drive towards “Enchantment Valley” traveling on a country road. This valley has great archaeological importance, being considered an open-air museum of scientific and cultural interest. The “El Molle Culture” and other groups of hunters inhabited this valley from circa 2,000 B.C. until A.D. 600. In this area, it is possible to find an incredible and interesting number of petroglyphs depicting masks, heads with antennae, tiaras, sun symbols and snake-like and fish-like shapes deeply engraved in rocks. Also, it is possible to see pictographs of lineal drawings, human beings and other figures in natural paint. We will also have the opportunity of seeing the small cup stones or Piedras Tacitas.

Continue along the Road of Grapes and Vineyards towards Tabalí Vineyard. The offer from Viña Tabalí consists of eight different types of wine, each one with its own special and distinctive characteristics. The main characteristic present in its two lines; Reserve and Special Reserve; is that both were prepared “over a slow fire” as a result of a very moderate climate where the maximum and minimum temperatures are not extreme and where there is scanty rainfall. You will have an informative visit of the winery followed by a wine tasting, along with some snacks and refreshments before returning to the ship.

The ship docked at midday and we then left on our tour at about 1:30. Our guide for today was Judith, an English Lady who has been living in the region for around 15 years. Guess that she used to be a school teacher by the way she taught us about the region. She was by far the best tour guide we had for the entire cruise.

2014 South America Cruise Day 7 - Coquimbo Chile 2014 South America Cruise Day 7 - Coquimbo Chile 2014 South America Cruise Day 7 - Coquimbo Chile 2014 South America Cruise Day 7 - Coquimbo Chile 2014 South America Cruise Day 7 - Coquimbo ChileCoquimbo looks like a great town, unfortunately we passed through it too quickly. There is obviously a very eclectic mix of people who live there. Really wished we had more time to explore it further, but we had a long drive to get to the Enchanted Valley so no time to spare.

Colquimbo Chile

Colquimbo Chile was at one stage a Pirate Haven, one Sir Francis Drake used as a safe haven. According to legend his treasure is buried somewhere around there.

Enchanted Valley

After a 90 minute bus ride, our first stop was the Enchanted Valley to see the Petroglyphs. The bus drove us down into the valley where, after a short walk, we were able to get up close to the Petroglyphs to see them as well as the moretos, cups that the Diaguita / El Molle people had carved into the granite.

As there are no barriers in place to preserve the petroglyphs they are starting to fade with age and the wear due to the weather, but mainly because of tourists walking on and / or taking rubbings of them.

Tabali Vineyard

Next up was the Tabali Vineyard, just a few minutes back up the road. At the Vineyard we were shown around the fermentation tanks before visiting underground cellar. Tabli has one of the best wine tasting rooms I have ever seen! Looks like a great place for my 50th.

Down in the “Cellar” there is a mural painted on the walls outside of the tasting room which describes how people believe that the original inhabitants, the Diaguita People, area lived.

2014 South America Cruise Day 7 - Coquimbo Chile 2014 South America Cruise Day 7 - Coquimbo Chile

The flooring in walkways uses the original train line sleepers, a nice touch.

After exploring the “Cellar” it was time to get to work and try their wines. First up was a white, the Tabali Reserva Especial Sauvignon Blanc. It was crisp and refreshing. A good wine to have on a hot day or after walking around petroglyphs for an hour or two.

2014 South America Cruise Day 7 - Coquimbo Chile

Next up was a red, the Reserva Especial Syrah, a bit light for me. Tabali grow a number of varietals of wine, including a Pinot Noir which intrigued me, so I bought a bottle to take back on board.

After the tasting was complete, it was time to get back into the bus for another 90 min trip back to the ship, with no time to stop in Coquimbo Chile  to explore. Will add it to the list of places to stop at during my drive down the Pan American Highway.

2014 South America Cruise Day 7 - Coquimbo Chile

Coquimbo Chile was the best port at that stage during our 2014 South America Cruise. Enjoyed the tour as well, definitely a place I would recommend visiting.

Next Stop Valparaiso, Chile

Re-post of my 2014 Cruise due to corruption that occurred during the migration of my blog.

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