My Balcony

One of the great things about my place in Singapore is my balcony, especially the view!

11 May 2016: Sunrise

20 Feb 2016: Chingay 2016 Fireworks

 12 Jan 2016: Sunrise

09 Oct 2015: The Haze at Sunrise

24 Sep 2015: The Haze at Sunrise

08 Mar 2015: Sunrise

29 Jan 2015: Sunrise

13 Jan 2015: Flypast

When the wind is right I get to watch various Singapore Air Force aircraft flypast, F15 Eagles, F16 Falcons and C130 Hercules are the aircraft that make regular appearances.

07 Jan 2015: Sunrise

Random Shots -Year

20150107-DSC05238 20150107-DSC05237 20150107-DSC05236 20150107-DSC05235 20150107-DSC05234 20150107-DSC05233 20150107-DSC05232 20141113-DSC03632 20141113-DSC03631 20141113-DSC03630 20141113-DSC03629 20141113-DSC03628 20141113-DSC03627 20141113-DSC03626 20141113-DSC03625 20141112-DSC03624 20141112-DSC03623 20141112-DSC03622 20141112-DSC03621 20141112-DSC03620 20141112-DSC03619 20140925-DSC03439 20140925-DSC03438 20140925-DSC03437 20140925-DSC03436


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