Singapore Elderton Command Vertical 2016

Recently Wine Exchange Asia held a vertical of Elderton Single Vineyard Command Barossa Valley Shiraz where we were lucky enough to taste a vertical of vintages 1999 through 2007 inclusive.

I am a big fan of Command and Elderton wines, so was really looking forward to this. It was an interesting night, made more so because of a fire in Boat Quay on the day of the tasting, which meant a late change of venue. Both Wine Exchange Asia and the venue, Boomerang, did a great job to accommodate the late change of notice.

And now for the wine!

The Wine

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Whilst I was a bit disappointed with some of the wines, I think that, with patience, that a number of these wines will improve (at least I hope so) and will live up to expectations.

My picks of the night:

  • 2003 Elderton Command Single Vineyard Barossa Valley Shiraz
  • 2002 Elderton Command Single Vineyard Barossa Valley Shiraz
  • 2006 Elderton Command Single Vineyard Barossa Valley Shiraz

Robert Rees of Wine Exchange Asia reviews the Elderton Command Vertical

Wine Reviews


Thanks to for the images, mine were not that good!


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